5 Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

By | April 21, 2022

Proposals can be nerve-wrecking! Will she say no? Will she say YES? The anticipation building up to the day is a whole other level of excitement. If you are feeling super jittery about proposing and cannot figure out for the life of you how to get started on the planning process, fear not!

Remember, you’re leveling up in your relationship now, by now you have to know what sort of person she is. Is she a keep it small and simple girl? On the other hand, she could be a go big or go home! Make sure the atmosphere embraces the essence of your relationship and is catered to her personality. To help you out I have listed five ways you could propose to your girlfriend:

The Romantic Dinner

This is a classic proposal. It is simple but elegant. Choose a high-end restaurant or a place with personal value to your relationship. Make sure the setting is appropriate, wine flowing, desserts coming in and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. Have a talk with the chef ad hide the ring in one of her favourite desserts, she will be in for a great surprise! You cannot really go wrong with this one.

The Hobby

If you know of a fun or cool hobby she has, you could find a way to incorporate it into the proposal. This does not mean you come busting into her Zumba class with a boom box in your hand, ring on the other, asking her to marry you (She will probably run for the hills!).

If she’s a born and bred horse girl and loves to go on regular horse rides, that’s a sure-fire way to propose in the most romantic way possible. If you are in Victoria, you can choose from a range of diamond engagement rings Melbourne will have some of the best quality rings you could ever ask for. Enjoy the ride and pop the question at the most unexpected time, the surprise element is what makes a proposal memorable.

Mother Nature

Nature herself is a great romantic. Have you seen just how romantic a candlelit dinner on the beach is or a walk down a lake surrounded by greenery in the sunrise? If your girl is all about the great outdoors, I would suggests decorating a particular spot in a forest or private spot on the beach, flowers, lights, marry me slogans… make it a stunning view with nature blending into the background.

The Hotel Getaway

A surprise vacation to the sunshine coast or the blistering mountains could make for a beautiful proposal. This makes the whole experience extremely intimate between the two of you. You can go for a dinner date prior to booking in. Have the room ready with the right décor. Champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, rose petals, candle lights and when you walk in together drop down on one knee. With this one, the answer is highly likely to be a yes!

Calm down, read through this and use it as a road map to navigate your way through proposing to your girl!

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