Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

By | June 29, 2022

Top 10 Richest Countries In The World

The richest countries in the world Do you know which countries have the most? wealth per capita what do you do to get so much money It’s worth living there if you want to Find out, here I go.

Number 10 Denmark

In this top 10, we will use Pro head bip these are all goods and services that a country produces in a year i.e. gross domestic product Product divided by the number of people living in the countryside Denmark’s GDP per capita is 61 $478 [Applause] its economic model is known as Flex security where employers can hire and fire employees as they please There is no minimum wage and you can start a business in a matter of hours on the other hand, the level of trade union organization is high and there are many collective Agreements between companies and employee they can get excellent unemployment Insurance but in six months the Insurance will be halved and in two years it runs out full To take out this insurance, you must a Membership in the unemployment fund which are generally controlled by the unions and receive state support There is also a social support system responsibility that everyone has the minimum necessary for life what do you think of the danish system select Flex Security or Job Stability and minimum wage are more important for you.

Number 9 San Marino

The per capita GDP of this small landlocked country, The country surrounded by Italy is sixty-one one thousand five hundred and eight dollars San Marino was a tax haven but it introduced measures like Banning anonymous companies in 2010 and reducing banking secrecy in 2017 finally being removed from the black list That was a hard blow for San Marino business between 2008 and 2017 GDP fell by 30 percent, but the country made it Reverse the trend by driving production and tourism attracting foreign investment with significantly lower taxes than the rest from Europe and she succeeds in persuading companies to do so open a branch in the country although not a member European Union San Marino helps the organization with this stop money laundering and their currency is the euro It is that national designs are even on it back of this currency as if it were a member of the eurozone Also, it is the only country in the world Where there are more cars than people.

Number 8 Brunei

Brunei’s GDP per capita is 64,405 but don’t be fooled You might think of the 460,000 inhabitants live like the Danes but the truth is They live modestly because most of The proceeds go to the Sultan and his family They manage the dividends, that’s the main thing national products such as oil Bring natural gas, that’s 90 of them bip This is how they finance their life of luxury is covered with gold but they do offer certain residents advantages like free education and health care subsidized funerals and low-interest rates house and car purchase what led to it One car for every two people to avoid opposition to the monarchy so that the sultan can afford to try Imposition of laws inspired by Islamic law like the death penalty for adulterers and homosexuals although international pressure made him withdraw this law.

Number 7 United States of America

This country has a GDP per capita of 68 $309 and is the largest importer and the second largest exporter of goods in the world 30 percent of them live here Millionaires of the World 40 of Multimillionaires and 139 out of 150 thethe largest companies in the world the private sector represents 86.4 percent of its economy and this largely depends on the 30th Millions of small businesses are offering Jobs for 36 percent of employees while the big companies are hiring 37 percent of them and the state hires 141 from them [Applause]  what is certain is that only slightly more than half of these small businesses survive after five years its population has the higher income among developed countries, but not everything is nice There are more imports than exports Welfare state is small and fewer goods are redistributed than other advanced This is the only developed country that does not offer health or medical insurance maternity leave the richest 10 percent controlled 72 percent of wealth between 2010 and 2011 and only three, according to Forbes persons Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates controlled more fortunes than those below half of the population in 2017. this year more than half a million people were homeless 18.5 million Americans lived in 2018 extreme poverty Middle class income stalled between 1998 and 2016 and 15 percent of the population does not have health insurance.

Number 6 Norway

Norway’s GDP per capita is one hundred and seventy 69 dollars the state controls strategic sectors like the North Sea oil from which they were made rich in the seventies the government employs thirty percent of the working population and As a result, health care is almost free charges members around $225 per year Year Oil facilities are built in a country Real estate funds and the state cannot freely pull on it although it can use the revenue this is the largest state asset fund of all 1.3 trillion dollars invested assets and controls one percent of them all stocks in the world are falling big powers of the Boards of Directors of the Company directors The Norwegian government had influence in Facebook and googles decision to regulate the fake news and close the gender pay gap despite its oil, Norway promotes the electric cars in his buy territory through tax cuts the country hopes it will not depend on it Fuel by 2025 It’s paradoxical, isn’t it.

Number 5 Switzerland

Switzerland is divided into cantons share a monetary foreign policy and a Constitution it implements a direct system of Democracy where there is one Referendum every four months to vote the most important laws GDP per capita in Switzerland is 75,880 Taxes are low and business formation is promoted Swiss neutrality has turned banking into one important sector 28 percent of all extraterritorial Funds of the world are there also its manufacturing industry is significant with well-known companies like nestle the pharmaceutical company Roche and Watch manufacturer Rolex Richmond and sample only 37 despite his high standard of living percent of the population has its own home and there is no minimum wage except in the canton of geneva Did you know that they encourage Recycling through garbage collection fees whether you use non-official bags or not You will not affix any government stickers collect your trash.

Number 4 Qatar

GDP per capita is 97 $262 There is no income tax in this country and its unemployment rate is 0.1 percent It experienced its economic boom in the 1990s if apart from the oil they were already exploited They went to liquefy the gas that makes it a liquid easy export currently oil and gas are 85 of them Namely exports the oil fields These are expected to expire in 2023 The country has the largest gas reserves in Germany the world Thanks to the revenue, Qatar has one Sovereign wealth funds like that of Norway, which has over $330 billion financial assets that are five billion dollars invested in Manhattan’s buildings projects Other important markets are the Manufacture of petrochemical fertilizers and Islamic finance These are banks that do not invest Activities inconsistent with Sharia law like alcoholic beverages and such do not charge interest, but a fixed amount Surcharge for credit purchases.

Number 3 Ireland

Its GDP per capita is $99,239 in 1987 this country was open to reception foreign investment and had a special Economic zone with reduced taxes but its unemployment rate was 17 as a result of wage cuts Tax and labor simplification legislation multinationals could do their headquarters and hire more people In 1999 the special economic zone spread to the rest of the country and now multinationals employ a quarter= of the Irish workforce and pay 80  percent of business tax a total of 14 of the top 20 companies in the country where we are multinational companies We can find Apple Google Facebook Intel Pfizer and Microsoft These names will not surprise you when I say that this country is one of the greatest Exporters of pharmaceutical products medical devices and software.

Number 2 Singapore

With $102,742 GDP per capita this city-state is a country with the highest proportion of millionaires Every sixth household has a million dollars available or more It is also the second busiest port in the United States The largest ship in the world per hold repair center and a large oil refinery 44 of the workforce are foreigners there is no minimum wage tax is very low and the duty cycle is practical unavailable  The government forces its people to do it save a quarter of their salary They will use this money for medical purposes emergency training or State pensions to fight poverty gives the equivalent of about 295 or 740 US dollars to the neediest households for health and education It’s also worth a voucher equivalent of 122$500 for each citizen who has children provides for poor students at a low cost Laptops and reimbursements for public transport however, there is no freedom of expression and there are some strict rules such as Ban chewing gum and people can be fined up to two years in prison.

Number 1 Luxembourg

The highest GDP per capita in the world is nothing but 122 $740 The main economic activities are banks and industry especially steel production This country is the third most popular competitive financial center in Europe to London and Zurich and the main banking center in the eurozone it benefits from its political stability good connections with the rest of Europe and classic banking secrecy In 2009 there were 152 banks with 27,000 employees in the steel industry the great and producer distinguishes our bed where the state has a share of 31 the minimum wage is around 2,600 a month and since 2020 also public transport free Have you decided which country you want to move to? take care.

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