Tired of Searching for “CBSE Schools Near Me”? We Have a Solution!

By | March 30, 2022

Finding a perfect school is every student’s desire. Not only students, but parents also try their best to shortlist the best international public school or private school for their kid. But, sometimes, no matter how many times we reach Google for “CBSE schools near me”, we fail to get an ideal school. That’s where one feels bewildered and devastated!


No more! We are here with this ultimate step-wise guide for you to search for your ideal international public school that too with easy to do steps! So, let’s get started!

Why is it confusing to find “CBSE schools near me”?

Before moving forward to a step-wise guide, it is paramount to understand why; even while having a plethora of resources, websites, and help articles to guide, we feel perplexed while looking for an ideal school. The answer lies in “More is less”!


Yes, you read that right. Due to a range of help guides available, one feels distracted and confused as to what all to look for, and consider while deciding on “CBSE schools near me”. Further, as a lot of options complicate the situation, a step-wise guide can clear the air, and give you a rectified approach to follow. This is why we have made this 5 step help guide.

Step 1: Understand the student profile

Believe it or not, student profile is one of the most critical factors while shortlisting international public schools. As different schools follow different admission criteria, it becomes essential that you understand your profile clearly to ignore later stages of re-checking your eligibility.


To understand your profile, jot down your percentages or academic record of previous or last class studied. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Comprehend your co-curricular candidature, extra skills, or any sport, or expertise you participated in. This would help make your application strong. Also, get your facts right on family income, and other associated factors to get considered for scholarships later on.

Step 2: Set your priorities

As far as the “CBSE schools near me” query is considered, you will get a range of answers. But, will they all have what you are looking for?


That’s when setting your priorities becomes a critical step in the process of looking for an international public school. At this step, you should carefully narrow down your priorities in terms of school’s features. For example, curriculum, fee structure, etc. And, just like this, keep on adding things to the list. Your other priorities can be faculty experience, school reputation, location, extra amenities such as a swimming pool, etc.


Having a priority list is completely subjective and you can have different priorities from your fellow aspirants. But, whatever it is, you need to be clear on that before applying for schools.

Step 3: Look for schools that map with your priorities

Once you have a detailed priority list, the next step is looking for schools that match your list. This step is tedious and will take a lot of your time, and energy. But, as deciding on an international public school is in no way a tad decision, you need to invest your time judiciously on this step.


Look for the “CBSE schools near me”, best international schools, and other keyword-based searches and shortlist around 15 options. At this step, don’t dig deep into the school’s details, but only jot down the names as per your priority list. For instance, if you think the curriculum is your utmost priority, navigate schools such as Global Indian International School for the same.

Step 4: Shortlist options!

Now is the time to dig deep and scratch your heads up! In this step, dive deep into the schools you shortlisted in the last step. Look for the official websites, brochures, and pamphlets of schools. One can also look at alumni status, reputation, and previous year academic results to get a better understanding of the quality of education of a school.


Based on all these factors, narrow down your options, and cut down the name of international private schools list to half. For example, if you have got around 10 names in step 3, narrow this down to only 4-5 on this step.

Step 5: Understand the admission process, and apply!

Once you’re ready with selected 4-5 schools, it’s time to apply. But, that’s where you need to be extremely careful! As schools follow a stringent admission process and never tell you at the forefront that your application has mistakes, It is recommended to comprehend the process before actually applying. This would keep you in a safer zone.


To begin with, understand the process, documents needed, and other formalities. If you have any doubt, visit school once or email your queries. Once you are clear about every step of the process, apply on time! It is also said that filling up the admission form “correctly” solves half the dilemma of getting enrolled in the best CBSE school.

So, Here’s your “CBSE schools near me” query answer!

So, no more following dubious help guidelines to reach your ideal school. Just follow this step-wise approach and you will get your ideal school.





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