The Tallest Buildings In Dubai

By | July 5, 2022

The Tallest Buildings In Dubai

Dubai is famous for being one of the richest cities in the world and for its huge skyscrapers Get ready to look up ’cause here I will show you the biggest the tallest buildings in Dubai.

Number 10 Emirates Office Tower

This huge office building has been completed in 1999 has 54 floors and 17 elevators and stands 1 163 feet tall which means it’s 3.6 times the size of London’s Big Ben and 3.8 times the size of the Statue of Liberty including the Pedestal and base it is part of Emirates Towers complex in Dubai Financial center where there are many Boutiques, cafes and luxury shops and It is also the 71st tallest building in the world.

Number 9 JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

Towers actually, it is not one but two twins Towers that look like giant palm trees tribes 1 166 feet tall each making them 2.5 times the height of the Pyramid of Chips Each tower has 82 floors and 14 Elevators together they accommodate a luxurious hotel with a lobby no less than four stories high You are in Business Bay Dubai Business district on the waterfront of Dubai Creek a seawater inlet that simulates a river it has a total of 1 364 standard rooms and 244 suites with View of other skyscrapers in the city or the sea.

Number 8 Javora Hotel

Time to get to know the tallest hotel in the world Building to Guinness World records overall it is 1 169 feet tall 6 times as high as the tower of Pisa it has 72 floors 528 rooms and 6 elevators that can travel at 16 miles per hour and depart the first on the top floor in 38 seconds at the top it has a pyramid shape Structure that makes it light recognizable.

Number 7 Alma’s Tower

It means diamond tower in Arabic although it is unclear if this is the case because of its disguise that makes it shine in the sunlight or in the shop carried out in this office building is 10001feet high and has 68 floors and 35  elevators and was the tallest building in Dubai until 2009. it houses the Headquarters of several companies manufacturing diamond gemstones and pearls It is even known to cut diamonds inside Therefore security in this building is extreme.

Number 6 the Address Boulevard

This building is partly a hotel a shopping center and a residential area building It has 73 floors and is 1 214 feet up inside are 196 guestrooms retail stores and 523 apartments all of which sold out on the same day went on sale You can tell that people in Dubai are loaded alhamdulillah.

Number 5 Elite Residents

This was the third-highest residential area building in the world as it was already completed in 2012 1248 feet high It has 87 floors, 12 elevators, and houses 695 apartments, it is very well located it overlooks the famous palm Jumeirah Archipelago formed from artificial islands like a palm tree.

Number 4 23 Marina

This house is 1289 feet tall, ten times the size of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue it has 89 floors 289 residential units, and 62 elevators Yes, you heard me right, I said 62 lifts as each duplex has its own private one These elevators can travel at a speed of 26 feet per second and it has 57 pools, yes, you heard me right again, 57 cymbals like that Local residents can still cool off the strong desert heat.

Number 3 Princess Tower

This house is on the 1st floor 356 feet tall, which means it’s 5.6 times the height of the Taj Mahal and has 101 floors and 13 elevators Houses 763 apartments and after its Completion in 2012, it became the world’s tallest residential building position it lost three years later it is located in a district of Dubai Marina on the shore of a saltwater canal nearby Palm Jumeirah  Anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery can do so Go to the 97th floor where there is one Viewing platform.

Number 2 Marina 101

Marina 101 is part hotel and an apartment building it is 1 394 feet tall, which is three times the height Height of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican has 101 floors and 29 elevators  The first 33 floors house a hard rock Hotel with 281 rooms while the 504 are residential units are located from the 34th floor upwards The construction of this building lasted 10 long years and was only completed in 2017 after a period of stagnation due to the executing company Capital to finally finish it you made it so far it was many floors right Now it’s time to meet the biggest buildings of all.

Number 1 Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world it stands 2 717 feet high 8.9 times the size of the statue of Freedom including the pedestal and base it also has 167 floors and 57 elevators eight escalators it was named after Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan president of the United Arab Emirates that provided financial resources Post-construction support The company ran out of funds to complete the project the total cost was 1 billion-dollar The base of the building has a Y shape allowing it to bear the weight of its enormous structure plus it has a paneling system to withstands Dubai’s high temperatures On the first is an Armani hotel Floors.

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