The Most Heavily Guarded Billionaires in The World

By | July 6, 2022

Most Heavily Guarded Billionaires

From kidnapping to assassination attempts, the five most heavily guarded billionaires in the world are seen as personal protection officers, more commonly known as bodyguards, in the domain of celebrities and politicians, but as the number of high nets worthy individuals continues to grow, bodyguards are now in demand at a growing rate and diverse range of customers, but what makes a person worthy of protection you may be asking, which is what you’re about to find out today. We look at the five most heavily guarded billionaires in the world.

The Number 5 Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s security forces are impressive but kind of mixed. The most visible and famous line of their defense, the iconic big-hatted Queens Guard are best known for their elaborate marching goggles and intrepid poker face while on guard duty, but they’re actually far from joking as some tourists think they are and are quite capable To confuse you if you go too far, then there are the security guards who guard Buckingham Palace 24/7, who are more conventional than the Queen’s Guard and their toy uniforms but have been known to almost shooting The Queen on one of her nightly walks, but if you really really need to protect Her Majesty, go to the Royal Protection Squad. Established in 1983, this elite Scotland Yard Squad is reportedly made up of up to 185 SAS-trained officers with various degrees of James Bondness the RPS is responsible for the round-the-clock care of the Queen along with the rest of the Royal Family and worrying the London diplomat.

The number 4 Jeff Bezos

There is a whole new threat of problems that arise when you enter the world of the rich and famous, namely safety and security which would mean that the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, probably needs to take some precautions to ensure his own safety right jeff Bezos has bodyguards not only has he invested in the personal protection of his personal bodyguards, but with his accumulated wealth he has had to invest in other extensive security measures. Bezos had to ensure the safety of his family friends and close colleagues Bezos has a net worth of about $200 billion from threats, and with that much money comes many security concerns. These safety concerns apply not only to himself but also to family friends and close colleagues who could target people like kidnappers at Bezos to try to hold him or his family for ransom, there’s also the inevitable hatred that other people may have towards Bezos. Some of this hatred originated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bezos came under Saudi fire after his newspaper, The Washington Post, published incriminating stories about the death of Jamal Khashoggi, although Bezos was not involved in the Washington Post’s publications that didn’t stop the Saudis from attacking him Gavin en Becker Bezos’ security chief found that the Saudis were responsible for hacking Jeff Bezos’ phone and sending private information to the national investigator. That an entire nation is under attack definitely means Bezos needs a backup of his own personal security. He has a deep faith in the security that de becker provides. Bezos even went so far as to give de becker a blank check to find out who was behind the hacked cell Stuck in 2016 when Bezos had a cameo in the Star Trek movie Beyond the World and got a sneak peek at his security procedures, actor Chris Pine, one of the stars of the movie Recalled to vanity fair, told Bezos with nine bodyguards and three limousines it was really intense, he recalls, according to the latest reports, Bezos spends around $1.6 million a year on personal security, whether it’s hiring a personal entourage of bodyguards or installing bulletproof glass in his office needs Bezos to ensure his own safety as it is not an option for the richest man in the world, risk en in the field of security

Number 3 El Chapo

Guzman, there are so many household names behind the prison walls and yet with all this fame no other prisoner is more protected than Mr. Joaquin Guzman, the Sinaloa cartel drug lord known to the world as El Chapo, who has been arrested multiple times and has it always managed to escape his incarceration, but since being re-arrested and extradited to the United States in 2016, he is now residing in 10 South Prison in Manhattan, New York. The drug lord is monitored 24 hours a day by armed guards, who are also guarded by armed guards, he has to sleep in a different cell every night, and the dogs who guard him are also forced to taste his food in case of poisoning 23 hours a day in his cell, with the exception of his lawyer during court visits, he was denied any outside contact with his family in the media Ison fugitive accused of killing thousands during the bloody drug wars in Mexico and known to have killed his enemies even if he fled behind bars again. Its heavy security will face the wrath of its victims.

Number 2 Mark Zuckerberg

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s personal security budget As of 2015, Mark Zuckerberg spends around $20 million annually on security, with $7.3 million going to his personal bodyguards for his home and travel. These bodyguards are sometimes referred to as the Zuckerberg Secret Police Detail consists of 16 full-time guards who work shifts at all times. That total is considered a record for security costs for any CEO of a large company, to compare that over a decade ago it was tech executive Larry Ellison for Oracle with the highest reported security costs of $1.8 million at the company that was constantly under fire is for collecting huge amounts of personal information from its users and selling that information to the highest bidder. Zuckerberg seems to prefer to keep his own private life more private Mr. Zuckerberg’s general security program We will cover the costs associated with Mr. Zuckerberg’s personal security at his places of residence and during personal travel, including the annual cost of security personnel for his protection at the Procuring, installing and maintaining certain security measures for its residences, the company said Zuckerberg’s strict protection officers take the extra step of donning civilian clothes to remain hidden. He’s also escorted everywhere in public and private and driven everywhere he goes to Facebook board security.

The Number 1 Vladimir Putin

Like other political figures in Russia, Vladimir Putin is protected by the Federal Security Service, but Putin’s people seem to be a different bunch altogether, overall little is known about the work of Putin’s arm in the Bundesschutzdienst, there is no public data on its operations and there are no publicly available reports, it is so secret that only guesses can be made as to what they are doing. Vladimir himself is a controversial figure who has been the focus of media attention since his first acting presidency. There is a kind of personality cult surrounding him, similar to some previous leaders, although no giant statues are erected of him, he has become an internet icon in his own right, which has often kept him in the public eye, something that doesn’t. It doesn’t come without a price Of course, this leader’s populist perspective is extremely polarized due to the political and financial corruption of his cabinet, which has led to countless protest threats and assassination attempts that have required Putin to tighten security in his own unique way. Former bodyguards of Russian President Vladimir Putin have acquired immense power in exchange for their unquestioned loyalty, many of whom have also accumulated enormous wealth that illustrates how Russia’s new rising class has exploited a system designed to protect the old it dates back to the ninth main directorate of the user kgb and was initially headed by kgb general alexander Korsakov.

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