Ten Things You Don’t Know About BTS

By | June 23, 2022

Ten Things You Don’t Know About BTS

This is BTS the mighty south Korean boy band that is taking over the entire world day by day they’re always supported by their
unbelievable armies we’re a legion if you want to know more about their secrets find them out in 10 things you didn’t know about BTS.

Number 1 The Beginning Of Everything

BTS is all the rage they have taken over the entire world with their breathtaking choreographies and inspiring songs the group was supposed to debut in 201 but there were some changes in the chosen members so their spectacular debut was postponed the only member that was there since the beginning was rm who captivated the big hit ceo with his flawless rapping member who also beat the auditions in 2010 was suga who plays second we mustn’t forget our sunshine j hope who despite being rejected by jyp entertainment big hit company recognized his great dancing skills then in 2011, they included a young cook whose audition for superstar k3 made several entertainment companies fall for him however he eventually made up his mind to become a trainee at big hit thanks to rm’s performance I mean come on who wouldn’t be inspired by rm in that very same year big hit captured Taeyeon although that hadn’t been his original intention because he only went to the audition to support a friend one year later acting student jin joined and his out of this world attractiveness mesmerized everyone the final member was Jimin who was studying contemporary dance in ballet at the time he auditioned because of his teacher’s advice and passed the big hit audition so that’s how the best south Korean group BTS was formed they debuted in style on June 11th 2013 with their no more drea official music video so all the youngsters without dreams they’re nothing but the greatest.

Number 2 The Magic Of Their Lyrics

BTS not only stands out for its imposing choreographies but for its inspiring lyrics that win your heart other artists write most of their songs each song is inspired by empowerment self-improvement the challenge of romantic love depression and mental health the perfect example is their first single no more dream which was written by Aram and sugar they wanted to transmit such a precise the message they rewrote the song more than 20 times they definitely achieved their goal as this song is about the concern of young people for their dreams and future it’s a favorite among armies one of their most best-selling albums is wings which take as a reference the novel de Mayan by Hermann Jesse the book’s themes which are about growing in temptation were included in every song well the list goes on and on having a whole repertoire of smash hits with important messages like a map of the soul 7 love yourself and be we really appreciate it best.

Number 3 Hidden Talents

If BTS’s performance amazes you on stage their hidden talents will blow you away for example Jimin studied dancing for years so he can do unbelievable somersaults and make extremely difficult angles with his legs but if you’re looking for a gaming expert that’s a young he’s so skillful he solved a Rubik’s cube during a fan sign gin also loves games especially pool so your technique in pool shooting must be excellent to beat him but the most creative member is the golden magnet young cook who is good at drawing and painting his work seems easy but is incredibly careful succeeding in conveying peace however the one who will surprise you is j hope he can play the flute with his nose and doesn’t get any musical notes wrong.

Number 4 Total Success

It’s common to hear that they’re the kings of the music industry they not only take Asian awards by storm but also the American ones they became the first Korean music group to perform at the American music awards and in 2019 and 2020 they won the favorite duo or group award for pop-rock there are no limits for BTS they received a Grammy Award nomination as their hit song dynamite was nominated for the best pop duo group performance category they not only get different awards but also break plenty of records with dynamite BTS bagged its last Guinness world records for most simultaneous viewers for a music video on youtube premieres and for most viewed youtube video in 24 hours they’ve landed 20 number one hits on billboard’s charts and BTS is the only group to set this record they’re also the first k-pop band to make it onto the front cover of Time magazine as well as they’re the most followed k-pop band on Spotify there’s no doubt that BTS is winning over the world.

Number 5 The Richest Member of BTS

They turned all that they touched into gold no matter what product they launched we want to get them so it’s not surprising that they have money to burn but who is the richest member make a guess drumroll please the richest member is j-hope with a net worth of 22 million dollars not just because of bts but because he also launched a solo mixtape called hope world in 2018 which is the most successful solo project in terms of profitability another popular song of his was the remake of the hip hop classic chicken noodle soup featuring becky g released in 2019 this remake became a smash hit but the other members are just as wealthy each of them has a net worth of 20 million dollars that comes from both bts’s activities and side projects for example there’s young cook who has produced some of bts’s music then we have v who writes and has pursued acting rm has also written songs for the group and launched two solo projects suga also did the same and has written for other korean artists the dancer jimin makes money because of bts mostly and jin not only writes and produces some albums of the group but he’s also the co-owner of a Japanese restaurant in south Korea along with his brother.

Number 6 Death Threats

BTS’s popularity has been both a blessing and a curse they have received hate comments from people who can’t stand their global fame there was even a death threat during their episode 2 the red bullet tour making them cut their new york city show short it all started when a Twitter user posted a picture of a gun and used the event hashtag however that wasn’t the only threat they received in July 2018 during the love yourself tour an anonymous user threatened Jimin on armies immediately used twitter to forward the threat to the police and make them aware although this wasn’t a death threat the guys had a hard time when NBC Chicago news reported the tragic death of Chinese member Kim jong Hyun and they mistakenly showed a picture of rm we were all outraged by that so having gotten a large number of complaints on Twitter NBC had no other choice but to apologize.

Number 7 We All love BTS

No one can resist the BTS mania, not even the celebrities one of them is Camila Cabello the talented singer to senorita has mentioned being an avid fan of the group as for Ansel elgort the famous actor in the fault in our stars he said he’s an honorary army member but the biggest fan ever is john Cena [Applause] the actor in wrestler proclaimed himself army boy Cena’s fanaticism is so great he even included the best track fire on the soundtrack to the movie playing with the fire, of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Halsey a friend of bts who met them at the 2017  billboard music awards Halsey was lucky enough to contribute her vocals to the boy with love plus she got suga to collaborate on her album maniac the list goes on and on including jimmy Fallon Maisie Williams ed Sheeran Shawn Mendes cole Sprouse and many more everyone falls for this group.

Number 8 Their Greatest Charm

Are you in love with them? well you will drool over their personalities rm is like a big brother or dad to them because of his formidable personality wholehearted support and beaming smile that makes you feel better as for j-hope he lights it up with his charisma and boundless energy he is army sunshine now jyn’s personality will captivate you he’s worldwide handsome you know and he stands out for his cuteness and dad jokes, on the other hand, there’s a young cook who is very loving and respectful though he shies away from women as opposed to taehyung who is flirt extrovert and smiling another nice thing about him is that he always blows a kiss to heaven at every concert as a gift for his deceased paternal grandmother we can’t expect less from Jamin either mochi enjoys life but then we mustn’t forget about stunning Suga who seems a stiff independent and somewhat lonely guy sometimes however he has such a huge heart it’s evident from BTS’s songs since he wrote most of them it’s hard not to be swayed by the bts mania.

Number 9 The Good Heart of BTS

We’re always amazed by BTS’s tremendous inspirational speech at the un general assembly encouraging young people to love themselves just the way they are I have come to love myself for who I am for who I was and for who I hope to become but that’s not all BTS also launched the love myself campaign as part of the hashtag end violence campaign that focuses on protecting children worldwide not only that but the members have also been individually caring, for example, j-hope donated 135 million dollars to the child fund Korea foundation for his birthday plus he gave 90 000 to low-income children studying at the school he used to go to another generous member is suga who also used his birthday as an excuse to donate 88 thousand dollars to the Kenyon university dong san hospital in Daegu his hometown young cook has also given much of his income to social movements and associations like black lives matter and hope bridge Korea disaster relief association among many others.

Number 10 Little Great Achievements

Over the years these buddies have had success after success that’s why Twitter dedicated funny emojis to BTS for its seventh anniversary when using any of the nine hashtags that the social network launched you would get face emojis of each member which were the pictures of their album map of the soul seven we armies loved this very nice gesture another thing that blew us away was rm’s song fantastic that he composed wrote and released to collaborate with the movie fantastic four fantastic and last you should listen to this song but there’s more this band is one of the few to have three hit movies released worldwide in theaters this burn the stage the movie brings the soul the movie and break the silence now last but not least there’s run BTS their variety show where they showcase different sides I don’t know about you but as for me I feel like a true army it’s not hard to be swayed by the BTS mania.

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