Ten Mysterious Plane Disappearances

By | June 23, 2022

Ten Mysterious Plane Disappearances

Life is full of events that are difficult to deal with understanding and solving. This time I will show you the secrets of the sky planes that have disappeared without explanation You will be able to solve them in the game It’s Mrs. Hudson’s turn.

Number 1 Flying Tiger Line Disappear

That was a Lockheed l-1049h super Constellation Propliner chartered by the US military Flight 739 On the way from California to Vietnam carried 11 American civilian crew members 93 soldiers and three South Vietnamese passengers. The plane announced it was over the west from Guam and it had reached its goal 3 30 p.m. but never arrived and no one could contact her like that again it was declared missing on March 16, 1962, over the western Pacific. His search searched more than 200,000 square miles in eight days and was considered one of the greatest Air and Sea Searches in the History of the Pacific after all 107 people had found nothing on board the aircraft was suspected dead, is not known to this day Insert 60 years We never heard a word Speculations that it exploded in mid-flight when a bright light was seen in the sky just 90 minutes after his last radio Contact.

Number 2 Antonov’s Disappearance

On July 22, 2016, a terrible tragedy happened Antonov and 32 aircraft of the Indian Air Force disappeared over the Bay of Bengal. The plane had a total of 29 people on board the blackboard six crew members 11 Indian air force employees two Indian army soldiers one of the Navy One from the Indian Coast Guard and eight Defense civilians in which everyone worked at the naval armaments depot Contact with the aircraft was lost at 9:12 in the morning 170 miles east of Chennai His search was carried out immediately becomes the greatest rescue operation for a missing plane over the sea in the history of India after 301 days the search The mission was on September 15, 2016, canceled and all 20 people were pronounced dead.

Number 3 Canadian Pacific Douglas DC 4 Disappearance

It was her this time again called the four-engine airliner dc-4 suffers an unfortunate event on July 21st, 1951. It disappeared with 37 people blackboard including the US and Canadian Army and Air Force personnel on a field trip Vancouver Tokyo was everything, in the beginning, Big The plane was 90 minutes from his Stopover in Anchorage, Alaska weather-related, but according to plan became heavy rain and icing conditions The plane lost its path last time The plane reported its position at 1217 said there were several from Cape Spencer Hours passed and there was no sign of the airliner So the next day both American and Canadian plane launched a rescue operation they tirelessly searched for the plane for three months but they could not find anything there The search ended on October 31, 1951, to date no sign of the DC-4 was found.

Number 4 Angola 727 Disappears

In this case, the plane had no accident but was stolen just before sunset on May 25, 2003 Air traffic control crews in the Cuatro de fivarro international airport in Angol noticed something very peculiar plane was the person controlling it is stolen no attempt to contact the tower and the airliner just departed southwest over the Atlantic with all the lights out since this incident happened shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attack The FBI and CIA went on high alert Search for the plane around the world but they found nothing as if it was completely gone that’s awful yes ben c Padilla is an American pilot and flight engineer believed to have stolen the plane for own financial gain There is speculation that he flew with it an airstrip in western Tanzania Border where it was dismantled and sold parts so far Nobody knows what happened to that plane.

Number 5 British Flight cs59 Disappears

Flight CS59 named Stardust was on its way from Buenos Aires to Santiago chile at 5:41 a.m. it contacted the control tower of Los serious airport in Santiago and said it had reached the Chileans Capital in about four minutes but it never arrived, that’s how it was declared missing on August 2, 1947. The plane carried six passengers and five crew members Everyone from Buenos Aires has been looking for it everywhere for them a while without success That ended the rescue operation on August 21 of the same year however, in January 2000 climbers tripped over human remains and debris from an airplane on the Tupengado Volcano Argentina finally it was found that The accident was caused by a jet stream crash the plane and an avalanche buried them completely airplane.

Number 6 Flight 19 Disappears

US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers Called Flight 19 were created by the Fort Lauderdale Navy Air Station in Florida on a three-hour mission during the Mission pretty strange things started to happen like the pilots who speak incoherently Until an eerie hum paralyzed the radio communication Flight 19’s last signal was over The Bermuda Triangle on December 5th, 1945. On the same day, they sent the Sailors and other ships, but found Nothing unfortunately about 20 minutes later the Seemann also disappeared from the radar so at dawn the next day the Navy dispatched over 300 ships and planesSearch for flight 19 and the 13 crew members inside the sailor this meant one of the largest search operations until today however no sign of bodies or planes ever found and everything remains a  mystery What do you think happened to them? They believe in the theories of the Bermuda Triangle Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Number 7 Lockheed Electra Disappears

Amelia Earhart was a famous American aviator who together with her partner Fred Noonan away from Lag New Guinea story and try to fly around the world but Earhart could not fulfill her dreams Buggy after the fight against the cloudy sky Radio transmissions and a fast-dwindling fuel supply in their Lockheed Electric Plane She and Fred went off the radar after being declared missing on July   In 1937 a rescue operation with ships began and US Navy and Coastal Aircraft guard They combed about 250,000 square miles of the ocean but found nothing from the start It was discussed what actually happened There is no evidence that she crashed Sea was just a plane crash to them returned as someone else Earhart survived, no question about it, but that’s all speculation, In the end, a report came to an end Earhart and Noonan had run out of fuel so they crashed into the Pacific and drowned.

Number 8 Air France Flight 447

Disappear unlike previously enforced disappearances on the list This was due to a combination of technical failure and human error on June 1, 2009, this plane flew from Rio de Janeiro to Paris and the disaster began with the Speed ​​sensors failing meanwhile strong turbulence This confused the pilots and after an inappropriate protocol prompted the airliner to descend into the Atlantic Ocean Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro should land here in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 10 am after 11 am. then the Brazilian Air Force launched a search and rescue plan Find all 228 people on board the plane Some wreckage was found the next day such as airplane seats and kerosene residues it was not until June 7th that the first 16 bodies were found They had kept looking for the black man Boxes and corpses, but current. They only recovered 50 bodies.

Number 9 Malaysia Airlines Flight

This is the greatest secret of the aviation story his disappearance on March 8, 2014, is ongoing bringing all possible versions From accidents to conspiracy theories The airliner that flew from the Kuala Lumpur Airport Malaysia to its destination in Beijing was OK Communication with the control tower and its route showed no suspicious changes but shortly before contact Vietnam is gone and completely gone Malaysia’s radar The tower began to communicate by plane, but to no avail, The crew is expected to make contact Vietnamese controllers in less than one minute but 19 minutes later there is no word from flight 370. after five hours the search operation started but they couldn’t find any parts of the plane nor the 239 people on board The search extended to the Indian ocean anyway You haven’t found anything yet, just a few things Parts of the plane were found discovered off the coast  Africa, but nothing was heard the people who boarded the plane It’s time to get ready. I introduce you to one of the most famous disappearances.

Number 10 Flight 571 Disappearance

Disappear This case is also known as the miracle of the Andes The tragedy happened on October 13, 1972, when was an Uruguayan amateur rugby team traveling to Santiago de Chile all started with the pilot’s report over the radio that he had reached Kuriko Chile and the pilot had turned north had made a mistake and was still in the To the Regardless of the said error, he started doing it descent for landing but after hitting a mountain the plane lost his right-wing and then it worked, finally, it crashed in a remote valley of Argentina nearby the Chilean border The plane was missing for two months They gave up the passengers dead, but from 45 people and up blackboard 33 had actually survived and had to fight against the snow Over time, people and food died Supplies were running out resulting in them eating corpses to survive after two months two helicopters were added their help only 16 people who had made it endure to the end were saved we were brought together by a wing experience.

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