Smallest SUV in the world 2022

By | July 14, 2022

Smallest SUV

This odd-looking thing is the Citron Ami buggy and it will be the strangest thing Eevee in the world since it’s based on the already strange ami, but they have made it go to that kind of lifestyle everywhere beach vehicle there is only one Concept for now but dependent on people’s reaction to it Citroen could make this thing available for purchase I’ll talk you through them all Upgrades through the standard ami some of the features and of course I am gonna drive it which will involve me Start it with my specialist timing
walk here from zero to a few miles per hour I don’t think the guy cares by Citro├źn is too happy about it
but I don’t care because I’m with watson and you’re looking at a car, wow to buy a new one Car then on to car, wow and my team helps you find your next car Car at a fair price, wow your car from a single source Buying Comparison Site Let’s get started by talking about the design of this Ami I’ll start buggy at the back actually I could start here I can do that in front, you know yami the back wall is just like the front panel because they did that However, save money on this Ami buggy Car looks more like going in a direction the story of my life anyway what we have on the back Here are some special covers over the brake light like that that if you go off-road Chip she doesn’t kind of have it either this hammer effect paint likes a little something You have on the engine intake scheduler a ferrari though I don’t know why you would have a hammer Effect on plastic because if you have one It’s not plastic that just cracks it but really on the back which is pretty much all the changes oh and you have this more pronounced Citroen badge and black trim that You can actually step on the normal Ami as a styling upgrade here on the side.

The most obvious change in the tasty buggies are the big studded off-road tires and You also have the golden steel rims partially extended wheelhouse Then there is the missing door it’s not entirely absent, it’s just easily reduced to a door really pointless because look, press that and it turns off a magnet there that holds. The door closes and you can get in and out although. I think Citroen will do me good just go over there and get it for me don’t you then have this section here More on that later, but that could well be the case easily get covered in the dirt if you are riding off-road there are these protective metal bars
here only you know when you walk over rocks and stuff I’m sure you probably will Bottom through because the wheelbase is quite short and there is not much bottom release oh and I gotta show you this look because you don’t have a door. You now have a mirror here and it is in fact this was 3D printed so I Better be careful with that, ’cause if I break, it is very expensive to make a new one, and then you might be wondering what That’s all, so I have a positive Sign there, so I imagine there is one negative sign on the other side because of obviously positive minus electricity. Read More

it’s just their positive is the reason why this function is there one stands normally on the ami would have the door here and then There’s a little break for you to get to the doorknob, that’s what they had to do
to fill it in and they did it with that the most clearly here Difference is this bull bar here below although it’s kind of flimsy I guess I would do more damage than it would do that to me I would say it’s more of a ball Another feature is this front spoiler Yes, it’s a bit like the peak on a cap You know it makes everything urban you still get some protection Covers for lighting as in the back, unlike the back, you have one different finish, this is matte and I’ve said it if I say it again Anything matte is cool, it’s a fact, now these additions make the car seem even more like it’s going in one direction you know that makes it nice So on the inside there is a theme with the color yellow basically Anything colored yellow has a use, for example, you have a yellow Bezel for the speedometer you have a yellow drink holder, here you have it Yellow storage areas here actually Feel much more beautiful than more substantial the cheap plastic gummy you Get the normal Ami and then you have this yellow bar here where you can probably attach things like GoPro’s when you film your rides You also have a yellow cup with the camera over here feels more again more expensive than the standard ones ami and a new phone mount here some also has a small yellow handle where you can actually lock, you can retract it like that and you can talk to it Your co-driver for information. that was it me who forgot to charge the car overnight big change, although this is yellow So the seats look really great squishy and comfortable, and then Number one or number two
Another thing is that look oh yes you think oh finally They’re putting an airbag in the army They didn’t put an airbag in the army They put a fanny pack in the army, look you can remove it like this Put thing in it and that’s where it can go through your belt Bomb bag my airbag that’s a lot of courses better in a crash than an airbag The last yellow thing is below So here you have storage space and this bag that you can take to the beach with you or actually you can use it for something else watch it saves this.

This Actually, it’s pretty hard to get out of me will snap out the card to show you exactly what here everything is right what rolled up in this bag was one of These look like a removable door panel there if it
practically they give you a little Picture there so you know what it is because if it rains it’s not raining, you can’t open this window like this it actually opens better than the door on the normal army, so you get a bit more Air in there will obviously do flap around when you do this Top speed of the car Another thing I want to show you bags here these tote bags, essentially They really are like that for your beach stuff
You can keep it on the outside of the car, but these are just filled with foam padding to make them look full OK Good another thing that is different than that standard Ammi is the charging connector like that
instead of being hidden like in one Recess there look, it’s just there charging port. Read More

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