Part-time Jobs in China for students in 2022

By | March 31, 2022

International students need to work part-time while studying overseas. Working part-time can help you pay for your studies and living expenses while also giving you work experience in the Chinese labor force. It will improve your Chinese language abilities and provide you with professional exposure as well as a greater understanding of Chinese culture and lifestyle. Working part-time while studying abroad is a struggle, but it will help you become a more efficient professional and responsible person. Part-time work for overseas students was permitted in China after 2013 in order to encourage more international students to enroll in Chinese universities. Because China is the world’s fastest-expanding economy, there are numerous part-time job options that are both professionally and financially rewarding.




Here are the part-time jobs that are considered by most students-


English Langauge Teacher


It is quite easy to find an English teaching job in China. The English language teacher does not need to be a native English speaker; however, he or she must be fluent in the language and possess strong grammar skills. Teacher salaries vary depending on where you live in China, but you can expect to make between 100 and 200 RMB per hour. You can locate English teaching job advertisements in newspapers, the internet, and on the bulletin board at your institution, since your fellow Chinese students may employ you to assist them in learning English.




In China, a translator can make up to $28 per hour. To translate content into English, a native speaker of German, Romanian, French, Hindi, Urdu, Bulgarian, and other languages is required. The translator will work under the supervision of a mentor at first, and as they gain experience, their remuneration will rise in accordance with their abilities. It’s a fantastic opportunity to break into the job market and make relationships in the Chinese professional world. Many global corporations and telephone companies require translators to proofread, edit, and translate their documents.


Video Recording


This job also requires English ability. Voice recording is a career in the media industry. The individual would be employed to do an English voice-over for cartoons, advertising, and how-to shoot videos in the English language. In their native accent, the person will read the lines given to them in printed form. This work pays between $40 and $60 per hour. You can look for voice recording jobs on websites or by submitting your resume to a relevant company.




Individuals with professional photography skills in China do not run out of money. In China, you can work as a photographer part-time or freelance and be paid per project. A professional photographer can expect to earn $12 per hour on average, but depending on your talents and experience, you may be able to earn more. You can work on weddings, exhibitions, events, concerts, and corporate meetings as a freelance or part-time photographer. Because photography is a simple skill, polish your photography abilities and build a portfolio of your work if you are currently going to study abroad in China.


Graphic Designing


It can never be in vain if you have a skill in your hands. In China, graphic design skills are in high demand. Whether you have a diploma in graphic design or have learned it from YouTube or other sources, the ability to produce graphic design as required by businesses is a must. In China, you can earn $51 USD each gig or per hour for doing graphic design work. It’s a terrific method to get your foot in the door of this area in China and work on as many projects as you can handle while building your CV to become a professional graphic designer in the future.


Other popular part-time job opportunities in China


  • Internship Programs
  • Freelancing
  • Hotel/ Cafe and restaurant attendants
  • Legal Assistant



In a nutshell, you will have plenty of opportunities to earn your livelihood in China, if you have any of the above skills. All you have to do is lookout for the opportunities proactively and you are all set to become financially independent and support yourself in a foreign nation.




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