Our Picks for the Best GLOCK 43’S Accessories

By | March 15, 2022


Unlike traditional heavy guns, Glock is one of the most common and recommended guns in America, especially when you are going to buy your first gun. You will be recommended to buy Glock. Ever since Glock made its debut in the US firearm market Americans got crazy about the gun because of its durability, small size for concealed carry, and lightweight body. Now you can find a huge number of Glock models in any gun shop.

This gun is for every gun owner who prefers owning a gun that can perform better shooting rather than just look epic, even though Glock even manages to look good. Because of the immense popularity of MCK Glock that allows easy customization of Glock, people often wonder if they can enhance the performance of their Glock!

If you have bought a Glock 43 then you must be wondering what accessories would suit your Glock 43 then this is the guide you should be reading now.

Should You Buy Glock 43 Accessories?

Glock is one of the most preferred secondary if not primary self defiance weapons in the US. However, unlike any other popular gun out there it does come with its limitations as well. Such as a small magazine size with 6 rounds in it and though for a concealed carry gun, this isn’t a big issue but for those who want maximum performance from their Glock market is full of accessories for their Glock and even for MCK CAA

Have Great Accuracy

Due to its size, the Glock 43 has also a reputation of being an accurate gun. Even if your targets in the shooting are seven yards away, the G43 model can produce groups from 1.56 to 2.33 inches. However, if you are new to the shooting or don’t have enough practice then you may haven’t experienced its accuracy. However, with the help of aftermarket products for the G43, it is easier to enhance the accuracy of the gun conveniently.

Get Better Grip

The Glock 43 has to feature a grip design called beaver-tail that features a textured surface that will provide a tight grip. This design will allow the gun owner to not only have a better grip on the gun while shooting but grip your pistol in the most comfortable way possible. However, some users may not be happy with the grip.

The small magazine that can hold only 6 rounds, the handle may seem smaller than several regular pistols. Though small size offers better conceal carry, it may not be a good option for people with big hands. The textured grip also has some issues as it may get slippery when it gets wet.

This makes the G43 not so good gun for all weather conditions, especially in sweaty weather. This matters a lot because a slight movement while shooting can affect the shooting. However, you can choose to have accessories for better grip.

Improve Visibility

The standard sight on G43 is U-shaped.  Though the fire-arm manufacturer has to offer durability and reliability their default sight leaves much to be desired. The Glock 43 features a plastic polymer and white paint. The sight’ can be a make and breakpoint for self-defense shooting as it can put you in danger. This is because you will not have enough visibility to approach your target.

Low light or night sights are replacements of originally manufactured sights. Also, the CAA MCK can be customized with a low light glow so you can improve. They may either be manufactured with colored glass or any radioactive material tritium that generates light.

Best Accessories for G43

Now here are the accessories you can consider for your G43.

Grip Enhancers

As mentioned earlier that G43 features a factory grip that has to offer good texture known as beaver tale texturing. But the problem with the original grip is that it will not work well when your hands are wet. This is why using your gun with wet hands or climate may reduce your accuracy.

The rubbery textured grip will exceptionally perform well for the G43. They provide great grips with good details and texture to provide good coverage to the handle of the gun. They are also very durable. The best grip is rubber material that doesn’t stick to clothing or feature a rather sandpaper-like texture an improved grip.

Magazine Extensions

The large capacity magazine is one of the preferred magazines for the gun owner even when they concealed carry. If you also love the large-capacity magazine for your Glock then a magazine extender would be a great option for you. The CAA MCK gen 2 also supports a larger magazine extender for better-uninterrupted shooting.

However, if you are going to buy an extender for the default gun then the original spring will not support a large magazine. So make sure that only buy compatible magazine extenders. CKS tactical, the best online firearm store has to offer a wide range of G43 accessories that you can opt for to enhance the performance of your Glock gun along with MCK kits making it slightly better for larger hands.

Lasers and Lights

If you spend your time in a low light combat area or your shooting goal is to hit better in low light then this accessory will suit you most. The laser sights and light will enable you to aim and shoot your weapon in low light without carrying a separate flashlight. You can mount the light under your gun barrel that will follow your target making it better to shoot accurately.

The Stream light TLR-6 features a polymer frame that can be mounted on the triggers. This may look small but it can produce almost 100 lumens of illumination. The laser can greatly improve your aiming as well and the TLR-6 includes a convenient switch that can enable laser and flashlight without any hitch. You can use watch-sized batteries and they are good enough to be lasted for 4 hours after being used constantly.

You can visit CKS Tactical to buy even more G43 and other Glock accessories such as MCK CAA, recover tactical kits and MCK accessories, and more. Just visit the domain for a better experience.

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