New Honda Civic Car Specs, Features, Price in 2023

By | July 13, 2022

New Honda Civic Car Specs, Features


It’s hard to believe, but the Honda Civic has been around for 50 years, five whole decades in that time it’s sold more than 27.5 million units and has established itself as an enduring people’s favorite, showing absolutely no signs even in 2022 slowing down Honda is ready to launch a new 11th generation model and here it is the all-new Honda Civic. I know some of our American and Australian viewers will have already seen this car, but it’s brand new in Europe. It’s coming with a new powertrain that you may not have seen before, so I thought I’d show you all around and for this one honda, they say they’ve improved the looks, the efficiency, and the technology, especially the efficiency, because for the first time ever the civic will only come as a proper hybrid honda has long promised to have the entire mainstream by the end of 2022 to electrify fleet in Europe. the jazz is a hybrid the crv is a hybrid the hrv is a hybrid and the honda e only runs on bat Electric electrification is now a way of life for Honda. I’ll show you more about the hybrid powertrain in a moment. First, I want to focus on the design I never really know right away if I like them and I’m still exploring the new Civic.  I’ll give you my exact thoughts, but what I can say is that it’s a lot cleaner and more straightforward than previous-generation models. Civics are notorious for having tons of extra fake vents and superfluous parts everywhere scattered around but for this new model it’s a lot cleaner in my eyes, that lower grille looks a bit bigger and simpler than that upper grille, instead of being two separate grilles like the previous car are now a single piece of some sort Honeycomb structure in the middle and it all looks a little less fussy than before. It also has new headlights. This is the top-of-the-line model and it comes with adaptive matrix LED lights, meaning it can cast a full bright beam onto the road without dazzling other road users, and it has a distinctive daytime running light pattern that lower-level models will come with supplied with ordinary LEDs but overall I think the front is good I will tell you later on the side they tried to give it a sporty silhouette they would say every single manufacturer would say their car has a sporty silhouette, but Honda has done that by lowering the hood by 35 millimeters and also pushing the A-pillar back, which is just a bit to make it look a bit more dynamic and purposeful. I’ll let you judge if it’s actually sporty, but they’ve done some clever work as there’s a lot of detail I find quite interesting, if you move the A-pillar back it gets a little wider.

FOV appears to be 87 FOV versus 84 on the previous generation car. They also moved the position of the side mirrors on the previous car. They were on the corner of the door right up here, but for this new car, they’ve been lowered down the door body itself, meaning there’s a little more visibility between the window and wing mirrors. Another detail I want to show you is the wipers, which don’t have separate nozzles to spray the windshield but are integrated directly onto the blades themselves, rather than wasting water by spilling it all over the screen, it soaks the windscreen, which appears to reduce waste by 40 elsewhere, giving you an idea of ​​how much fun this car is meant to be cornering, you get 18-inch wheels as standard, either silver black or gunmetal grey, as is the case on this top-of-the-line model is l and then in profile, they have stretched the wheelbase and rear tracks, the distance between the rear wheels is larger and the distance between the front and rear wheels is also larger, which should help you have more space in the back But also in relation on the stability you get around the corners, another small change I want to show you is that rear end, just here, they have a small window that didn’t exist on the Mark 10. It’s not massive if you’re actually tiny inside, but it should help reduce that sense of claustrophobia, one thing I want to check out because they moved that A-pillar back I think yes, that doorway is a tad smaller than the previous-gen car, so watch out. That means banging your head on the A-pillar trying to get in. You literally have to duck under it to get in and out of the car, but it’s no real difficulty when it’s the rear end of the car surprise.

New Honda Civic Specification

The surprise is also a lot cleaner and a lot easier than the 10th-gen Civic the old car had for example heaps of spoilers, spoilers up here, spoilers there, spoilers sticking out in all directions, but it’s a lot simpler and less complicated, even on the old car where you had these big 3D effect lights were replaced by much simpler adult lights on Rear of the car replaced. They also have those fake air vents on the old car, but here they’ve just been replaced with a small reflective strip. There’s a little element of forgery down here where you would expect the exhaust pipes to be, but this car’s exhaust is tucked right under the car allowing them to more closely integrate the roof and side of the car. On the previous generation car, they had a small strip of plastic that looked a bit unsightly, but with their new laser welding technique, they were able to tightly integrate the roof and side of the vehicle to make it look much cleaner and allow air to flow more freely. They also hid the trunk lid hinge underneath. Let me show you that on the previous car the hinge was oddly at the top which was bad for airflow but in this case, the hinge is more sensibly hidden where no one can see it. They also have a single piece of plastic that runs the full width of the trunk lid, which is really light and helps save about 20% in weight. Opening and closing the trunk lid should be a lot easier if you’re weak. You also have about 400 liters of storage space, a nice big wide storage area, and for some reason that weird little parcel shelf which I don’t think you really need because up here you also have a second shelf of sorts that helps store your valuables to hide but yeah overall nice clean simple straightforward grown up I like it just want to show you the back of the new honda civic there’s plenty of room back here like I said her d extend the wheelbase by 35 millimeters and that means you have so much legroom, this front seat is adjusted for me and there is so much room for my knees it’s amazing the only problem is you have a lot less headroom in the bin I 511 when I sit bolt upright to the right my head pretty much touches the top of the roof and also right here my head also touches the side of the roof and it’s, I mean, it’s less than ideal, isn’t it, if you? At over 6ft tall this isn’t a great place to sit but you can of course just lie down if you want, apart from having a small fold-down section that doubles as an armrest with a couple of cup holders, You’ve got lots of Isofix points in the back here, a bit of space behind the seats to stow your iPads and other devices your kids might have, a couple of USB ports, dedicated vents for the back. Also at the front, they made some really strong improvements If you look at the previous generation car it almost seemed like someone in the ’80s would imagine a car from the future to look like it was a bit busy and like it might have been designed by a kid but this one it’s much more contemporary a bit retro but also

New Honda Civic Features

As if it would last much longer and stand the test of time. I really like that horizontal section across the dash which makes it look and feel a lot more spacious and you have this honeycomb pattern that almost mimics the pattern in the grille On the front of the car you also have these pretty interesting joysticks to control the direction of the air vents and I love the fact that it has three separate knobs to control your heating vent and air conditioning and they are so easy to use Also make sure the ignition is on and that the middle one is for controlling the air vents is used, the right one for the passenger side heater and the left one for the driver heater. Also, you have your ac button you also have your heated seat button and it’s all an absolute breeze to use the love that it also has some really easy buttons to choose which gear you’re in basically have your reverse neutral and your drive I said be quiet plus your drive mode selector down here on the center console so you can choose between EV mode, hybrid mode, motor mode or sport mode and then two screens so you can click which in front of the driver has a choice of either 9 inches or 10.2 inches and all that is really clear the resolution is pretty decent and it gives you all the info you need when you head out because for the infotainment screen there’s no choice of sizes for this one you get nine inches or nothing but, to be honest, it’s kinda big enough and the whole thing is pretty easy to use too. I mean you have your navigation, phone, and radio source right below in shortcuts at the bottom of the screen and it’s actually pretty responsive too. I’ll launch the map and try to prove my point, but look at this, I mean it’s nice and nimble, it’s got a faster processor than the previous generation Honda Civics so it’s nice and responsive and it is an I also have Apple Carplay and Android Auto and the Carplay is wireless and I really just want to demonstrate how easy it is to use so be patient I haven’t done that yet.

New Honda Civic price

I’m literally going to pair my phone that’s sitting in a wireless charging card, by the way, I’m going to quickly pair my phone and then we’re going to see live how easy it is to connect Apple Carplay, so I go into settings and put a little timer on the screen , maybe bluetooth is also looking for a new device ok rory connect a little message on my phone hopefully yep couple allow so far so good connection and here we go boom apple carplay in honda civic wireless no wires no hassle of phone charging down here im dock and it’s all good in the hood Let’s quickly talk about your practicality in this car A couple of cup holders Decent storage in these bins The door bins are big enough Materials They’ve got some faux leather here, but it feels quite decent, a bit of piano black over here but you’re i’ll never touch that so be I doubt it’s going to be too messy on the whole yeah pretty much so I promised earlier I’d tell you about the powertrain and I never break a promise so here’s a two liter four cylinder -cylinder- Atkinson cycle motor mounted up front alongside not one but two electric motors, one driving the front wheels and the other acting as a sort of generator to allow the motor to produce electricity and send it back into a small battery pack now beating yours Don’t skimp on performance, expect around metric horsepower and 315 Newton-meters of torque. The price of the new Civic, which I think is headed my way, is yet to be confirmed, but I have little doubt that it will be a brilliant car when it is released later this year, as well we’ll have to wait and see if I would buy one I will reserve judgment until we see the guy r sees this room. New Honda Civic’s final price is 40,000 $


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