Nag Tibba Trek Guide – The Great Trek In Uttarakhand

By | March 15, 2022


Nestling at the height of around 9915 metres high off the ground, the Nag Tibba trek in the Garhwal Himalayas is maybe the most searched for undertaking by travellers all over the planet. Staying at the groundwork of this trek course, you can go for a 100-degree point of view all in all snow-shrouded mountain ranges. Swargrohini, Srikantha, Kala Nag, and Gangotri are a part of the well known mountain ridges to take a gander at from the base camp of the Nag Tibba trek.


Lying amidst the two famous zeniths of Pin and Dhauladhar, the Nag Tibba has a rise of around 9915 metres. The subsequent you climb this height to show up at the most noteworthy summit of the Nag Tibba trek, ingest yourself in the great points of view on the bed of dogs floating down the skyline. On an obvious, amazing day, the zeniths of Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, Kalanag, and Srikanth appear like someone has painted all of them with pure shades of blasting orange colours.


Many Reasons To Go On Nag Tibba


Pick Your Own

Nag Tibba trek is actually a glorious week’s end escape if one is preparing for a short involvement with the Himalayas. Nag Tibba winter trek has obtained its place as one of the most astonishing beginner week’s end treks in India. The way that one can move through a thick woods trail to show up at Nag Tibba perfection at close to 10,000 feet inside 2 days, makes it one of the ought to do treks near Delhi NCR. Trailhikers orchestrate a complete Nag Tibba trek pack which consolidates organisations like – trek guides, cooks, camp convenience, camp and trek stuff and transport from Dehradun to Pantwari.


Astounding Forest Trails

The trek has astounding forest paths through the thick sal, oak, deodar treeline which are a delight for nature sweethearts and picture takers. If you are familiar with the Himalayan birds, you’ll have the choice to perceive various remarkable cases this way. Honestly, Nag Tibba has forest area trails on both Day 1 and Day 2


Unpleasant Terrain

Most importantly, Nag Tibba has a troublesome and unpleasant way for around 2.5 km which isn’t very extraordinary yet enough to furnish you with an experience of a dubious slant Himalayan trek. The most magnificent part of this unpleasant way is that it has 2-3 customary water sources in dark spots, enough to loosen up and get your energy back.


Woods Camping

Nag Tibba trail has a few very great, terrific and monstrous level green clearings in the forest region which make for a fantastic setting up camp region. Trekkers have a marvellous experience of camping out in the lap of nature amidst thick woods where they can perceive the phenomenal Himalayan verdure and fauna. In the evenings, one can hear and even spot wild foxes in the nearby woodlands.


Assuming no one really minds, Note : Our forest setting up camp regions are by and large around picked and safeguarded from ordinary parts and regular life.


Himalayan Views from Nag Tibba most noteworthy point

Climbing the Nag Tibba top (3,022m) on Day 2 is clearly the most wonderful part of the Nag Tibba trek pack. After a short visit to the Nag Devta safe-haven at Nag Tibba base at the start of the day, trekkers begin ascending through thick forest area to show up at the Nag Tibba most noteworthy point. In the colder time of year, this piece of the way is by and large campaigned in snow, so it transforms into an intense snow trek. On a bright morning, one can see the higher Himalayan tops in full significance from the Nag Tibba perfection.


Nag Tibba Trek Best great regions


#1 – Mussoorie

Mussoorie or the Queen of Hills is a popular incline station of North India. The greatness of this area is embraced by the presence of an awesome climate, luxurious green slants, and the astonishing points of view on the Doon Valleys. While every single specialty and corner of Mussoorie exudes shocking energies, places like CamelBack Hill, Bhatt Falls, Gun Hills, Kempty Falls, etc merit visiting here.


#2 – Dhanaulti

Settled at the lower locales of the solid Garhwal Himalayas, Dhanaulti is a wonderful paradise embellished by the fascinating viewpoints on the snow-shrouded Himalayan apexes. Deogarh forts, Barehipani Falls, Eco Park, etc are the very best places to explore around Dhanaulti town.


#3 – Kanatal

Tucked at 40 kms from Mussoorie, the Kanatal town is a week’s end dears paradise. The celebrations of the falls, for instance, Christmas Eve and New Year have a bewildering significance here. Journey, camping out, hypnotising viewpoints on the Himalayas, dazzling day breaks and nightfalls, and a secluded environment are a couple of things to appreciate while you are on your visit to this heaven.


The Final Destination

Nag Tibba or as it is commonly alluded to as the Serpent’s Peak positions as the most important zeniths of the lower Himalayan scopes. Organised at a height of 3025 metres high off the ground level, the Nag Tibba attracts an enormous number of overall travellers relentlessly.


The great greatness and the salubrious environment conditions winning here ensures a relieving relax for the experience of dried spirits. It is an incredible spot for that huge number of trekkers who wish to camp at the most noteworthy climax and engage themselves with the art of bird watching, the class of the thick unsettled areas, and the greatness of the meandering glades.


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