Mobile Apps That Are Beneficial For Students’ Mental Health

By | March 15, 2022

College or university students continuously strive to learn and get good grades. Thus, they often spend several sleepless nights cramming and working on projects to meet deadlines and prepare for tests. This is the case with different disciplines. So, professional help such as psychology essay writing services and online writing options are available to relieve students’ stress.

Yet, taking help once in a while doesn’t resolve the students’ issues entirely. And the more stress they deal with, the more overwhelmed they become. It results in serious psychological issues. Luckily, it has become easy to reduce anxiety and fully concentrate on studies with the emerging technological advancements. So, today we will be dealing with different mobile apps that can help alleviate academic stress.

Useful Mobile Apps for Students

There are different resources students can use to enhance their mental health, such as school counsellors, mental health professionals or some mobile apps. We’ve discussed some amazing mobile apps you can use to enhance your mental health and reduce stress in this article.

1.      All Trails

One of the great methods to regain your senses after a bad day is to go on a nature trail and explore the world around you. AllTrails is an app providing access to some of the most wonderful trails in your area. In addition, the app provides comprehensive route maps and details for each trail.

AllTrails allows people to get away from the stresses and frustrations of everyday life for a short time. Visit one of the trails featured in the app to delve into the peace and tranquillity of nature.

2.      Colorfy

Colorfy is a free app available on Google Play. Although it includes advertisements and in-app purchases, the games available are excellent stress reducers. Students not only amuse themselves through this app but also relieve stress. Furthermore, Colorfy provides a creative outlet for your frustrations.

So, when students have some free time, they can use this colouring app to have fun. You can choose from numerous designs, including animals, geometric patterns, floral patterns, and mandalas.

This app aims to reduce stress and assist the user in relaxing. Individuals who are depressed or anxious can use it to spruce up their outlook and empower a level of creativity that will provide them with a sense of productivity. After all, using colour can lift one’s spirits and improve overall well-being.

3.      eMoods

eMoods is a cutting-edge app endorsed by many psychologists, social workers, and therapists. It is an extremely user-friendly tool, providing people with valuable information to track specific symptoms with bipolar one and bipolar two disorders, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

The app can effectively identify potential triggers and patterns, providing doctors with the data they require to track their progress.

4.      Balance

Balance is an app that provides a new take on meditation and its benefits to those who intend to use it. Every day, this app asks a specific question about how you practice meditation, your goals, and potential challenges. Moreover, the Balance app customise a meditation guide for you by understanding your experiences and routine.

The more you use this app, the more data it collects to perfect your meditation practice over time. The Balance app is unique as it uses your data to build a meditation programme based on personal experiences. The application entirely focuses on the data you provide.

5.      7 Cups

7 Cups is another amazing mobile app that enables you to have one-on-one communication with a listener any time of the day. Through an anonymous listener, students can get free counselling plus emotional support. The app helps deal with stress and depression; you can download it for free. There are upgrades available to increase the perks you get.

Individuals who are sad or upset about life events can use this app to get the emotional support they require. They can reach out to a listener 24/7 and talk them through whatever problem they face. 7 Cups’ creators designed this app so people would know they are not alone in their darkest times.

6.      Dare

One of the great applications to lessen stress and calm anxiety is Dare. It is a Google Play Store application created with the concept that anxiety is hard to control by being calm or accepting traumatic situations. Rather, the app guides through the worst situation and provides an opportunity to deal with it bravely.

You can use the Dare app any time and from any location, enabling you to gain knowledge. Situations such as a doctor’s visit, public speaking, or any other type of tense situation are presented to learn valuable lessons in real time. There is a free version of the app and various paid features as well.

Take Benefit from These Apps

The benefits of mental health apps include tried-and-true resources for regaining your sense of individuality. In addition, numerous apps allow you to communicate with others to provide you with the necessary encouragement and support. You can use these apps anytime, no matter wherever you are. Moreover, academic experts play a significant role in assisting students in meeting deadlines, helping them with their workload anxiety.

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