Markha Valley Trek: Complete Details

By | March 17, 2022


The Markha Valley Trek is perhaps the most fabulous and well known journey in the Ladakh Region of Indium. Situated in the north western area of India, the Ladakh district is renowned for its ferocity and immaculate magnificence.

The trip follows a staggering high valley with brilliant perspectives across the mountain locale and is probably the most effective way to in any case encounter the exceptional culture of the High Himalaya area. The Markha Valley trek follows the Markha River downstream taking in a few high passes including Ganda La (15748 ft) and Kongmaru La, (17,060 ft). From the two passes you get epic perspectives across the scene with the tall pinnacles of Kang Yissay and the 20,086 ft Stok Kangri coming into focus.

Not exclusively is the trip one of mountain magnificence, however it likewise takes travelers through a scene of antiquated cultivating with many green inundated fields and neighborhood towns being passed en route. You’ll likewise encounter a few religious communities and meet the brilliantly dressed priests as they approach their day to day routines. You’ll be presented to a few midsection profound stream intersections, high rough gulches and investigate numerous Buddhists towns on the way.



  • Markha Valley journey is additionally known for being a ‘tea house journey’ where one can expect convenience in parachute tents all things considered of the towns’ enroute.
  • Aside from the striking differentiation of traveling in a parched virus desert valley, you get a remarkable perspective on Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, the 21,000 ft Kang Yatse and the 20,086 ft Stok Kangri tops.
  • The journey goes inside an excellent Hemis National Park.
  • Some thrilling midriff profound stream crossing areas on Markha River to trails going across fascinating Buddhist towns and rough gorge are a portion of the elements that give this journey a novel enthusiasm.
  • With nearness to Leh, which is one flight away from most Indian metropolitan urban communities, the Markha Valley trip can be something any explorer to Leh could consider doing.



The following is a definite Markha Valley Trek agenda. Kindly note that this is a regular agenda that we would anticipate that numerous administrators should stick to. Some visit administrators, be that as it may, offer minor departure from this course. For instance it isn’t phenomenal to begin from Spitok and follow the course that prompts Hemis.

Day 1: Arrive Delhi then transfer to Leh

Day 2: Leh to Chogdo through Martselang (4½ hours)

Day 3: Chogdo 4000m – Nimaling 4700 m through Kongmaru La 5260 m (6-7 hrs)

Day 4: Nimaling to Hankar to Markha 3650m (5-6 Hours)

Day 5: Markha to Skiu

Day 6: Skiu – Shingo 4125m (4-5 hrs)

Day 7: Treks to – Rumbak 3800m (6-7hrs)

Day 8: Rumbak – Stok 4200m through Stok la 4900m (5-6 hrs)


Trail Information

There are 3 different beginning stages for this journey: Stok, Spituk or Chilling. Spituk is the most well known beginning stage. From the Spituk side anyway you gain elevation quickly to Ganda La (north of 5,000 ft in two days) prior to dropping strongly to Skiu. Beginning from Chilling offers a lot simpler methodology, as you join the path at Ski and bit by bit gain elevation. This schedule is for beginning the trip from Chilling. Assuming you are genuinely looking great and very much accustomed, you can decide to begin from Spituk or Stok too. While the best perspectives on this trail are apparently from Markha upto Kongmaru La, beginning from Spituk offers you the chance to cross two high passes.


How troubling is the Markha Valley Trek

Most trips in Ladakh are higher up on the treble scale in light of the elevation and territory. Leh, your headquarters, rests at 11,560 ft! Practically all trips in Ladakh would include pass intersections over 15,000 ft. It is the place where the name Ladakh (“place where there are high passes”) comes from, all things considered. The troublesome areas on this journey are not many, as the actual path is moderate.


Step by step instructions to get fit for the Markha Valley journey

The Markha valley journey is named a moderate-troublesome trip. You start from a height of 10,490 feet at Chilling and arrive at the most elevated mark of 17,060 feet at Kongmaru La. Subsequently, you need to ensure your lungs are solid for this.

Cardiovascular perseverance

On the Markha Valley journey, aside from tremendous elevation gains, the path is long and tiring. This requires a lot of perseverance.

Cardiovascular perseverance – Target 10 km quickly before the beginning of the trip

You can start by running regularly. Begin slowly and build your speed regularly. Swimming, cycling and step moving without such a large number of breaks in the middle can help as well. To be ready for a high elevation journey, you ought to have a blend of distance and speed targets.


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