List of Jobs for AWS Certified Professionals

By | March 17, 2022

 Amazon Web Services is without a doubt the leading provider of public cloud computing services. Certification in Amazon Web Services is one of the most sought-after credentials on the IT market. One can obtain several jobs at AWS with these certifications, which validate one’s understanding of the AWS platform.


AWS certifications can help you launch a successful career in various fields, such as development, application architecture, database administration, big data analysis, and sales/purchase. If you obtain a relevant AWS certification and study the top AWS interview questions, you will be on your way to a stable AWS career.

If you are interested in working with Amazon Web Services, consider becoming an AWS cloud practitioner. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam can be taken by beginners to learn more about AWS. Candidates should take the practice exam for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification as part of their preparation for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

It’s possible to open the door to many high-paying jobs with Amazon Web Services certifications. It can help you avoid the risk of a downward career trajectory. AWS certified professionals have a number of job opportunities. You can get ten of the best AWS jobs with AWS training in Pune  at 3RI Technologies.


  1. AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architects provide direct support to engineers and clients, and they provide technical leadership and interface with stakeholders. A cloud architect oversees implementation efforts and technical architecture, ensuring that new technologies are incorporated. Candidates can obtain AWS associate certifications to validate knowledge and have better job prospects (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate). You can earn the AWS Solution Architect Associate certification by preparing well and getting ahead on the exam.

AWS Cloud Architects should know about cloud computing and be AWS Solutions Architect professionals.


  1. SysOps Administrator

One responsible for maintaining, operating, and managing systems on AWS is an AWS SysOps Administrator In order to earn an AWS SysOps administrator certification, you need to have managed and deployed production operations on the AWS cloud. Earning your certification will enhance your chances of getting hired by AWS. Your resume will look better with an AWS certification, which will help you get a higher salary.


  1. Cloud Developer

It is the responsibility of cloud developers to create enterprise software applications and solutions.Therefore, if you are an experienced software developer with some knowledge of the Amazon Web Services platform, you have a lot of choices for AWS jobs. Your career as a cloud developer will be elevated one level higher with the AWS Developer Associate certification.


  1. Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager
    Are you interested in joining an organization focused on increasing the adoption of AWS?  People with experience in cloud sales and purchases,technical background, and leadership skills are in high demand for AWS jobs. Cloud Sales and Purchase Managers are in a unique position to develop, drive, and shape an advancing technology. For successful candidates interested in engaging with software developers and IT architects working on AWS platforms, an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification may be required.
  2. Cloud DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers have expertise in operations and system deployment and developing skills. As a result, if you possess multiple skills with deep AWS knowledge and hands-on experience, several AWS jobs are available to you. In order for organizations to develop a DevOps culture, they are now looking for Cloud DevOps Engineers. Almost double your chances of landing an AWS job if you hold an AWS DevOps certification. The term DevOps engineers applies to IT professionals who take on multiple roles to manage code releases.


  1. Key Account Manager, Cloud

It is the responsibility of a key account manager to manage sales of cloud storage and servers.

Moreover, he is responsible for managing customer accounts to make sensible purchase decisions. A key account manager’s responsibilities include managing a large and diverse customer base, as well as generating revenue and expanding the market. Do you have experience in management, purchasing and sales roles with an understanding of AWS cloud? AWS job opportunities are everywhere if you do. Once you have earned the AWS cloud practitioner certification, you will have more options. If you’re going to take the real AWS Cloud Practitioner exam, we recommend you take the practice test first.


  1. Cloud Software Engineer

If you are proficient in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++, Amazon Web Services is a great place to begin your career.With your ability to design, develop, and implement system/software on the AWS platform, you’ll have more opportunities to find AWS jobs. AWS certification tests will enable you to validate your software development and design skills, allowing you to stand out from your peers. AWS developer certification on the associate level can be the first step. Then you can opt to take the professional-level certification exam for more advancement.


  1. AWS Networking Specialist

It is possible to land a number of AWS jobs if you are adept at designing and implementing hybrid networking or AWS projects. The AWS certification is essential if you are going to work on cloud integration projects.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking specialization exams are available for individuals skilled in networking. People with AWS certifications are highly sought after in cloud network engineering. If you become a certified networking specialist, you can get AWS jobs.


  1. AWS System Integrator

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), clients worldwide can access essential cloud services such as storage, messaging, infrastructure, and networking. AWS is the leading cloud service and solution provider for businesses and government organizations alike. As a result, system integrators are required for troubleshooting and deploying AWS applications.

You must be familiar with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, cloud services, applications, and information systems to be considered for this job. AWS certification will open up several job opportunities if you demonstrate your skills.


  1. AWS Big Data Specialist

AWS Big Data specialists are experts in designing and implementing big data services for data exploitation. Data analytics experience is required to be considered for this position. If you possess technical skills in developing and architecting Amazon Web Services’ big data services, which can help organizations analyze and manage data, you have a lot of opportunities.

AWS certified big data specialists have a higher chance of landing an AWS job.

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