Leh Ladakh Bike Trip: Things to Know

By | March 17, 2022


Before you visit Ladakh, you ought to make sure that you’re completely prepared for the rough weather, high altitude, and poor mobile connection. Just ensuring certain things, will turn your Leh Ladakh road trip into the foremost memorable trip ever. It involves tons of design and research.


Carry an honest amount of money with you

Most restaurants and shops in Ladakh don’t accept credit or debit cards, so it’s safe to hold an outsized amount of money with you. If you’re travelling with an outsized group, divide the possible expenses between them and ask them to stay a group amount in their bags. The Leh market has several ATMs where you’ll remove cash including Punjab commercial bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, and depository financial institution of India ATMs.


Get a postpaid connection for the trip

Post prepaid phones don’t add Ladakh, so purchase a BSNL postpaid connection for your Leh Ladakh package trip, because it is the only network that works there. Even then, the reception will be weak but you’ll get to speak to friends and family back home. you’ll not get any connection in certain places including Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso, so make all calls and messages before travelling there. you’ll find a couple of PCO booths in Leh market, which you’ll use to form emergency calls.


Always book an early flight

If you reside in Mumbai, board a 1 or 2 am flight because by the time you reach, it’ll be sunrise and you’ll get to ascertain a mess of colours gracing the sky. it’s the simplest hour for clicking photos of the snow-dusted mountains and therefore the vast landscape. If you’re travelling from Delhi, board a 4.30 am flight.


Stick with local food

Home-cooked, local food is a smaller amount oily and less spicy. In most parts of Ladakh from Jammu & Kashmir to Leh, you’ll find only non-vegetarian foods, so if you’re a vegetarian, carry instant noodle packets with you. A couple of restaurants do offer vegetarian foods but they aren’t pure vegetarian restaurants.


Always tip at restaurants and your cab drivers

Tip 10 percent of the entire bill at any restaurant you eat. It takes tons to bring raw ingredients and spices up to the region, so consider it as a symbol of gratitude. Cab drivers don’t invite a tip, but it’s always good to offer a tip. It is often any amount you would like to offer.


Accept the slow Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi speed is painstakingly slow within the entire of Ladakh, so say goodbye to your favourite social media platform for all the times you’re within the region.


Carry dry snacks with you everywhere

Some belongings you can carry include chocolates, glucose biscuits, nuts, and wafers with you. These things are sold at a better price than the MRP, so carry the maximum amount as you’ll from your city. You’ll also carry pickles with you because the food is bland in Ladakh.


Keep toilet tissue in your bag

Ladakh is all about simple living. Tourist locations are located distant from one another. The turns and twists make the space even longer. You won’t find any public washrooms or restaurants on your way where you’ll relieve yourself, so you’ll need to do this call in nature. Carry toilet tissue and sanitizer in your bag for once you want to require a pee.


Prepare a special medical kit for Ladakh

Keep your medical kit simple, so it isn’t too heavy to hold about. Medicines and other belongings you should include in it are Iodex, Savlon or Dettol, headache medicine, body pain medicine, nausea medicine, Disprin, medicine to assist you to breathe better, band-aids, Imodium, Diamox, and stomach pain medicine.


Pack all the nice and cosy clothes you’ve got

Pack the pairs of t-shirts and pants, undergarments, and three to four jackets in your bag. refill on woollen socks, mufflers, hand gloves, and earplugs as they act as added layers of protection. Carry necessary gadgets if you are doing Leh Ladakh trip on brip.


Carry photocopies of your identification documents

If you’re not an Indian citizen, carry photocopies of your passport and therefore the permit you received from the govt to visit Ladakh. If you’re an Indian citizen, carry photocopies of your passport, PAN card, AADHAR card, and voter id, if you’ve got one. For bikers, there are a couple of more documents including vehicle registration papers, vehicle insurance, PUC, and driver’s licence.


Write the district hospitals in Ladakh

Medical care isn’t the simplest in Ladakh, so you would like to seek out facilities that provide the simplest among those available. The district hospital in Kargil is the most advanced out of all and features several excellent doctors. You’ll find some clinics in Trespone, Panikhar, Padum, Mulbek, and Sankoo.

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