How To Sail Through All The Phases Of Defence Exam With Courage

By | April 11, 2022

Achieving certain goals in life requires a combination of perspiration and inspiration. Well, it indicates that you need to do smart work as well as hard work. We all are well versed with the fact that one needs to crack a defence exam to enter into defence forces. Undoubtedly, your feet will turn cold with excessive exam pressure but never let that fear overpower you. Make sure to eradicate negativity from your mind and phase all the hurdles with courage. It might seem a bit difficult and you might not know how to do that.


In general terms, courage means to overcome extraordinary challenges. Let us tell you, certain qualities are required to be a suitable fit for a defence position and one of the imperative qualities is courage. It gives a man control over him and allows him to accept responsibility and act properly in trouble. Therefore, to overcome the hardships you need to be heroic. Well, you can only appear in the examination hall with courage if you have prepared well for the exam. Therefore, you need to work from your fingers to the bone to ace your preparation. To assist you prepare for the NDA test, you may turn to the legendary source that offers the best NDA tutoring in Chandigarh.


Here are some miraculous tips that can boost your preparation to face all the challenges of the defence exam with courage:


  • Chart out a plan

Planning out everything is crucial if you want to achieve specified targets. Therefore, before starting your preparation, you need to plan a fruitful study schedule.Confuse about how to make an effective plan? It’s not a matter of concern. You can follow the below-mentioned steps sequentially to devise a constructive study plan:

  • Make a list of all the subjects you need to cover.
  • Then, jot down topics corresponding to each subject.
  • Set a schedule for difficult subjects first.
  • Afterwards, you can move to easier subjects.

Make sure to follow this schedule regularly. Following a schedule with consistency will help you complete a humongous syllabus on time.


  • Notes Of Everything You Learn

However, if you ingrain a habit of writing while learning, you can grasp the maximum of the concept. Therefore, make sure to jot down important points and the main information of the concept in your own words after learning. This is just like shooting two birds with a single stone. It helps you memorize topics for a longer period of time and you can prepare notes for revision. These notes will surely prove helpful during the final hours.

Don’t try to borrow notes from others as it will not work for you. Instead, first read the concept thoroughly and then craft notes in your own language using suitable examples for positive outcomes.


  • Time Allocate

It is not a wise decision to stretch study hours in the haste to study productively for the exams. Hence, you will lack focus as well as interest in studies. So, it is necessary to give yourself a short break after certain intervals to rejuvenate your mind. This will help you to keep your mind steady so that you can concentrate correctly when studying for the test. Furthermore, you will be able to absorb more ideas with ease. Here are some ways to utilize your short breaks:

  • Listen to a soothing song.
  • Have a power nap.
  • Go out for a walk.
  • Spend some time in your garden.
  • Practice mindfulness.

You can follow any of the above-mentioned ways to soothe your mind for constructive AFCAT exam preparation. Furthermore, you can also approach the eminent platform that offers excellent AFCAT exam coaching to accomplish your desire to enter the Indian Air Forces.


  • Have an optimistic approach

A god mindset is very necessary to prepare for the exam .Therefore, you should develop an optimistic attitude during defence exam preparation. It is all because of your assiduousness that you can taste success in the defence exam.


  • Practice mock tests


Your preparation is incomplete until you practice mock tests. You can only attempt your exam with courage and confidence if you are fully prepared. So, you need to spare at least an hour daily to solve mock tests. Mock tests are designed according to the latest pattern and syllabus to give you a feel of an actual exam. When you make a habit of solving questions, you will notice an enhancement in your speed and accuracy. This way, it makes you able to solve maximum questions in the exam and reduces the chances of negative marking.


  • Clear your doubts as soon as possible

Note that your preparation is not worth it if you have enormous doubts in your mind. Having several doubts and some unclear concepts will make you less confident and you will feel nervous while appearing for the exam. You can search videos of topics on youtube to remove your doubts and understand the concept perfectly. If you are preparing for the CDS exam, you can acquire proper assistance from a reliable platform that caters splendid CDS coaching provider


Wrapping up:

To wrap up, following the right approach for defence exam preparation will boost your courage and confidence. Hence, you will be able to sail through difficult phases of the defence exam easily. We hope this article will help you crack the defence exam to secure a prestigious position in the defence forces.


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