Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Center Software – Answered!

By | March 23, 2022


There has been an explosion of emails, interactive chatbots, social media, and many other platforms in past decades. Naturally, you might assume that call support is outdated.


However, many studies show that most customers still prefer resolving their issues via phone.


Fortunately, this does not imply that call centers depend on antiquated technology to provide excellent phone service. Modern hosted call center solutions vastly improve its effectiveness while lowering its operational expenses. After all, the more effective a company is, the more profitable it is.


So, today we’ll delve deep into the frequently asked question about contact center software.


What is contact center software?



Contact center software is a tool that assists businesses in managing huge quantities of incoming and outgoing phone calls.


Primary Functions Of Call Center Software Includes:

  • Routing calls
  • Gathering caller information
  • Activating pre-recorded replies to FAQs
  • Call Transfers


What are the perks of using call center software?



Contact center software helps businesses with high call volumes of outgoing and incoming calls enhance their customer care quality while lowering ongoing operating expenses. Automating most call-handling processes significantly reduces the severity of human mistakes.


Which Industry uses contact center software?



An Industry-specific contact center software is not always available because it depends on whether or not your company handles a high volume of calls. So a simple answer is any company with high call volumes and limited agents.


Companies in almost all industries use call center software systems. This includes healthcare, financial companies, retail companies, and so much more.


What are the three types of call center software available?



The way software is provided and supported and what it’s designed for effects call center solutions. Some call center solutions are designed for outgoing calling. Other call center solutions are designed for incoming calls, and still, others blend the two.


Basically, outgoing and incoming calls can be cloud-based, on-premise, or hosted call center solutions.


Cloud-based, on-premise and hosted call center solutions are how the software is implemented.


  • With on-premise software, everything is installed on your servers. This is the most costly option out of the three because of the qui[ing, installation, and upkeep costs.


  • The systems and data are stored on the vendor’s servers with hosted call center solutions. Hosted software is in the middle range. It is cheaper than on-premise but still less penny-wise than cloud-based software.


  • When software is cloud-based, the vendor saves the system and your data on a third-party vendor’s servers like Google. This is the most flexible and cost-effective option.



What are the real benefits of using call center solutions?


●    Increased Productivity



Automating these three tasks will significantly save you time and staff expenses.

  • Calls & caller information are routed to the most skilled agent.
  • Reroute callers to least busy service channels when the agent is unavailable.
  • Offers frequently requested questions with pre-recorded responses.


It is all possible with call center software. This implies that you’ll be able to handle bigger call volumes at cheaper prices.


●    Self-Service Help 24/7



It’s simply not possible for most companies to provide live support 24/7. That’s where call center solutions come in place.


Although call center solutions can’t substitute as a live agent, the voice-prompted assistance menus will help customers. You can’t answer all clients’ inquiries using pre-recorded messages, but you will address some.


●    Enables Seamless Omnichannel Service


Omnichannel service


Customers can resolve their concerns faster if switching service channels is made simple. Fast resolution is the ultimate goal for customers in any industry.


Call center solutions are a critical component in the formula for a thriving omnichannel service. It allows your employees to route customers to a more appropriate support channel.


What are the most defining features of call center software?


●    Intelligent Call Routing


Intelligently routing calls will be the secret sauce if call center solutions have one. After all, one of the most important features of contact center software is its capability to direct inbound calls to the appropriate individual rapidly.


That isn’t possible without intelligent call routing that is customized to your company’s needs. This is why intelligent, motorized call routing is a must-have call center feature.


●    Call Monitoring & Whispering



Call monitoring and whispering are critical features in call center software. These two features assist managers with efficient training and coaching. Managers can listen in on interactions between agents and customers using call monitoring. This is important because it provides managers a greater picture of what’s working and what isn’t, allowing them to customize their comments to an individual agent.


●    Call Center Report Analytics

Call report analytics


While the above two features allow managers to monitor and coach the agents in real-time, call center analytics offers a more comprehensive view.


You can use call center analytics to track and report on KPIs like:


  • Handling time on average
  • Calls were missed and rejected.
  • Rate of transfer
  • The percentage of calls that are dropped
  • The average time for a first answer
  • The score for customer effort
  • The score of customer satisfaction
  • Total time spent on resolution


Everyone from managers to agents will benefit from reports on these indicators because they can see exactly where they lack and improve.


What are the requirements for implementing call center software in your company?

Implementing call center software


You’ll need to sign up for a plan with a call center software supplier to have your call center software set up. You can either move over your current business phone number or purchase a new one from this provider.


After then, it’s just a matter of configuring the program to meet your company’s call management goals. Part of that configuration is integrating with other call center solutions tools your company uses to deliver customer support, like CRMs, ticket systems, and more.


How can Aavaz FreePBX help?

There is an Aavaz For You


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  • reviewing existing customer service metrics
  • improving overall phone support operations.


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