Everything you should be aware of Harihar Fort Trek

By | March 4, 2022


An Introduction Harihar Fort Trek


Harihar Fort has earned its reputation as one of the most stunning hill forts in Maharashtra. The pet name of Harihar Fort is Harshagad located just 48 kilometres from Igatpuri. It is located about 40 kilometres from Ghoti in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Tourists love visiting here due to its unique stone-cut stairs that provide thrilling trekking.

Harihar fort attracts the attention of people who visit it since it appears rectangular when viewed from the village at its base. It’s situated on a triangular rock prism.

To go to any location one must be aware about all information regarding the place. The first part of the information starts from its past. History makes the place thrilling and fascinating.




The fort’s amazing history dates back to during the Seuna as well as Yadava Dynasty, or it could be described as this i.e. in the period between 9th century and 14th century. This fort was thought of as a bodyguard to trade routes.

The British were trying to conquer every fort and route, Harihar was one of them. Harihar route was among the 17 forts taken over through Captain Briggs.




Harihar Fort is situated on a triangular cliff that is situated at an elevation that is 1120 meters. To reach this fort, you have to climb the stairs that are 117 steps. It is an even more exciting trip when one approaches the fort with more enthusiasm and excitement. The only remaining structure is a storage building. Visitors will be able to see the chain from the cut rock water barrel.


Walking on the Harihar fort is split in two sections, which depend on your capacity to tackle the challenges.

Section 1 Section 1 Nirgudpada village (Kotamwadi) to the plateau.

There is a third option to get to this plateau i.e. Harshewadi village.

Section 2 Section 2 Plateau up to the top via iconic steps.


The Harihar Fort is awe-inspiring place to visit. Harihar Fort


The most thrilling part of the hike is the ascent of the staircase that is horizontally angled at an angle of 80 degrees.

When you are climbing the stairs, it is terrifying to look back at your steps if you’re scared of heights because you’ll be amazed at the number of stairs you’ve climbed. If you’d like to feel proud to have conquered a number of steps, then examine the past. If you take a look back, you’ll discover that you’re close to achieving your goal, Your heart is likely to begin to beat. The choice to go back will be based on your ability to resist.

If you’re on the top of the Sahyadri mountain range , you’ll feel as if you’re living in a completely different universe. Additionally, you get to look at the forts in Maharashtra. If you take a look at this mountain range during the season of rain, you will be stunned. In the season of rain the greenery on the mountains and in the forests will sing a tune that brings peace and happiness to your soul. There are also famous places such as Durg Bhandar, Bhaskargad or Basgad, Utwad fort, Anjaneri fort, Brahmagiri hill, etc.

It is believed that the Temple for Lord Hanuman as well as Lord Shiva is saffron-colored and located at the summit of the hill. The visitors Will have the opportunity to drink the water that is fresh in the temple’s fond. within the temple. Additionally you’ll be in a tranquil surroundings.


Things you should carry to carry around:


  1. Dry fruits are great to have around as to have a backup.
  2. Glucose for energy boost
  3. Tent to make your experience more thrilling.
  4. Light backpack for your essential items.
  5. A comfortable pair of shoes and socks.
  6. Kit of first aid for any emergencies.
  7. ORS
  8. Use a whistle or flag to alert someone in situations of emergency.
  9. DSLR camera for capturing the breathtaking views from the summit of the mountain.


Information that you must be aware of:


  1. You can hire a trekking guide in Mumbai. Mumbai from Mumbai to Mumbai.
  2. The thrilling and exciting trek will require just one night and one full day to complete.
  3. You’ll be more enthralled when you’re in the thick forest while looking up at the gorgeous hills.
  4. The level of difficulty won’t be as difficult as you imagine. Trekking for beginners is also possible through Harihar Fort.
  5. The expert operator who will guide you and transform your challenge into a breeze.
  6. If you’re in your teens, do not worry about it because you’ll be considered to be an adult.
  7. The ideal age group for trekking is between 12 and 45 years old. This age group is where you will experience a greater thrill experience when you reach your destination.
  8. If you think you’ll have all day to hike then I’m regretting to disappoint. The trekking time will be between 3:00 AM and 22:00 pm.
  9. You’ll experience an escape from stress while you do the trek in an idyllic setting.

Take your bags with you at your convenience, and you can add exciting new experiences you have in your life to your journal.




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