Does rodent repellent work on rats?

By | April 6, 2022

Rats can give serious headaches even to car owners. They may chew the wires of the electrical components in a car and which may lead to serious trouble and the car may lie dead. If the battery power is eaten by a rat or any wiring that is necessary for starting the car like a starter motor then the car won’t start at all. Let us help you regarding it.


How to stop rats from entering your car?

There are many fraud products in the market and their sellers claim them to be very effective in repelling rats but they don’t work. So, here we will give you real working solutions and which rodent repellents can help. We will see the best rat repellent for cars too. Rats are a kind of rodent and hence, rodent repellents work on them as well.


In the beginning, stop using rat killer pills available cheaply in the market as they are meant to attract rats so that they eat them. So, even if the rats haven’t discovered your car, they will now and if you get water after eating this poison then they won’t die and they’ll continue coming to your car.


From this, you must have figured out by now, that we need repellents which will directly repel them by odors so that they don’t attack your car. Alternatively, we will give you some ideas to stop rats from chewing the wiring of your car.


Leave your engine bay open

You may be thinking “I came to you for a solution but you’re trying to create more problems.” Well, not exactly! I have a proper explanation which will convince you of the thing I’ve just said. Rats like to stay in corners and guide in dark, poorly accessible places. A closed engine bay provides these conditions and so they come there. But if you keep the hood of the engine open then it does not fulfill their criteria of hiding place anymore.


Avoid dark parking spots

Always try to park your car in a well lit parking spot. Rats are generally present in dark areas. So, a dark parking area may already have rats there and they can creep into your car and cause havoc. But if you park in a well lit parking spot then your engine bay will also have light creeping inside and that will make it unsuitable for rats.


Set up rats traps in your garage, near the car

If your garage has rats then it is best to get them out at first by setting traps. The rats will try to enter the car by climbing through the wheels. So, you can keep rat traps near the wheels, so that whenever any rat tries to enter your car, it gets trapped. In this method, you will get rid from rats from the garage as well and will have a peaceful night’s sleep.


Clean garbages inside your car

Don’t keep any unsealed food items inside your car as these will attract rats. Rats have a heightened smell sense and will come for the food inside your cabin. Surely, they won’t be able to get inside the cabin in a closed car but now they will discover the wiring in the engine bay. Wirings have a sweet smell as they are made of many organic materials and also taste good, so rats chew them.


Now some repellents and how they can save your car!

You can use various rat repellent sprays regularly inside the engine bay of your car. If you keep spraying rat repellents at regular intervals then the smell of it will continue to thrive in the engine bay and rats will hate it. Many sprays protect the engine bay for up to 3 months which is great to keep you tension free.


As these are repellents so they just repel or drive away the rats and squirrels without killing them. So, the humanitarian side of you will approve of his method. This method is not very costly but is very effective. Rat repellents are made of peppermint oil and other things which have a strong smell to drive away rats.


You can use mothballs too as a cheap remedy. These have a strong fragrance to drive away rats. Keep these balls in every corner of the car. Rats avoid strong smells. Make small pouches and hang them in various parts of the engine bay.


There are some costlier options too which are electronic. We are not recommending it as it is way costlier than any other rat repellents. It costs around rs 3800 and you have to plug it to the battery terminals and keep it there. That’s all. But the high price is not justified for repelling rats which can be easily done with rat repellent sprays.


All in all, any rodent repellent will work for rats also as rat is a rodent. We have discussed some of the effective ways to get rid of rats from your car. It is not a costly remedy and you can easily get rat repellent sprays from our online store, speaking of which, not only rat repellents, but we are a platform which deals in online car accessories with 100% original products which will never let you have complaints.

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