Desert Safari Dubai – An Affordable tour in UAE

By | April 8, 2022


Inspect the promising tour of desert safari Dubai with adventurous sand activities, delicious BBQ Dinner and exhilarating Belly dancing. All these extraordinary activities come in a standard package of desert safari. However, the price starts from 35 AED only if you’re touring Dubai with a restricted allowance. This guide is favourable for you, wherein just 35 Dirhams or 55 Dirhams with pick and drop services. You can encounter the whole fascinating 6-hours evening tour.


However, we similarly authorize you to recognize where you can accomplish high-quality tour services at a small price. The description is the one and only Happy Desert Safari. Which is famous as the name of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Besides, the registered reasonable tourism company in the UAE since 2000. The company allows you to admire your UAE tours gaily throughout the voyage. Amassing the pocket-friendly packages, visit the site to avail.




Your excursion starts in the afternoon approx at 2 PM. However, the standard location is the Arabian desert. Which will be mentioned at the time of booking. Which is tremendous for its huge inclusions. Incorporating heroic desert sand activities, and shimmering live entertainment performances. Further, at a campsite, a luxurious and delicious BBQ buffet dinner. With an extensive variety of veg and non-veg options. Along with endless appetizers and got & cold beverages. Which was accessed to all travellers or guests.


What Happens in the Desert Safari Dubai in the Evening?

There are assorted evening desert safari packages options intended till the nighttime. You are openmouthed at probabilities such as the overnight desert safari in Dubai after the evening safari. Which you realize to understand with a flavorful BBQ buffet dinner and 8 exhilarating live entertainment shows.


Authorize the expedition of your odds for valuable hours. All the multiple desert safari tours are recorded every hour. Such as early morning, morning and night hours along with the evening tour. If you love to reap 30% off on your first trip booking. Then book your desert safari tickets by checking out this link.




Adventurous Activities on High Red Dunes:

You may be new to Dubai and do not clarify. To cruise around the sandy town of the United Arab Emirates. We got you, for this our competent drivers will fulfil your hotel or doorstep.


Also, we deliver a bus of generous pick and drop assistance to the Arabian desert. Where you will receive to confront spirited and activities on the big red Arabian dunes.



Dune bashing is the largely encountering workout on the great red Arabian dunes. You will reap to encounter this under the maintenance of specialists and authorities. You can customise the extent with an additional fee. However, the ordinary length is 20-30 minutes.


Dune Bashing is fully prudent to happening. Because it succeeds with a roll cage cover and exact security. But for some individuals, dune bashing is not suggested. Encompassing senior citizens, pregnant women, or people amassing heart or back crises.


2. Camel Riding and Sand Boarding:

Camel riding is ancestral since the ahead Arab days. In this session, you will receive to adapt to the past Bedouin lifestyle in a modern manner. Along with some great exhilaration, leisure and delicious food. Furthermore, you will get a quick or extended Camel ride as per your desire.


On the distinct side, appreciate the sandboarding workout on the elevated red dunes of Arabia. Where the current sand boards are accessible to glide your imaginations to the entertainment.


3. ATV Quad Bike:

This ride is wholly elective if desire to suffer the euphoria. You can appreciate the ATV Quad bike ride at an excess fee. However, you will get to approve security gear. Like helmets, elbow pads and knee pads. Along with the comprehensive complete training.


Bedouin Camp Services:

Once you finalize encountering the courageous sand activities. The extra stage is to permit you to join the Bedouin camp. Where the Bedouin camp atmosphere offers you an instant sense of the Arabian planet.


Also, you will amass free and unconditional entrance to relish free beverages and refreshments. Encompassing Arabian coffee, tea, soft drinks, Normal coffee, shwarma and French fries. Besides, you will also reap to admire some free services.


Which are Henna designing and Arabian dress photography. Which is vacant for both ladies and gents. Click as many pictures you want by wearing Arabic costumes for free.


1. Live Entertainment Performances:

The next phase is to relish six extaordinary amazing live entertainment shows on Arabic music. Where global artists accomplish back to back. This provokes the population entertained. Contains belly dancing shows,  Classic Tanoura shows and fire stunt shows.


To those who don’t realize but the Middle Eastern community is well-known. Because of the famous Belly dancing. Many multinational travellers appear in the UAE to relish the belly dance.


2. Delicious BBQ Feast:

Your desert safari tour culminates by remembering to eat at a BBQ buffet dinner. Which appears with a vast expanse of alternatives for veg and non-veg buffet. Another enormous creature is the promising chef in Dubai who equips that buffet dinner. So the traveller can relish the delicious feast. Along with the thrill and Bedouin camp activities.


The Bottom Line:

After the BBQ Buffet dinner, the faculty will drop you off at your location. Where they received you up ahead. Hope you admire the guide if you love to explore  UAE. Then must try desert safari Dubai from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Because they value your hard-earned money.


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