Collection of Reasons Why Business Should Be Using Digital Business Cards

By | March 15, 2022


Business cards are one of the crucial parts of any business. Even before people contact the business, the business cards will be there to represent your business. However, after the Covid-19 lockdown, our lives and how businesses used to interact with their targeted customers and clients have drastically changed. Now people prefer a more contactless way to share information and paper cards are just a big no when it comes to sharing information through online meetings. Enters, the Digital business cards and they are replacing as a new trend for paper contact cards.

They are about to dominate the market in the upcoming days as more and more people are now looking for ways to share their professional in the quickest way possible. And sharing information through digital visiting cards is way more convenient and secure than ever. As technology is becoming more common in our daily lives, businesses are taking more advantage of it and now modifying the way people used to contact the business or share information with the business that would be suitable for the current time. Here are the reasons behind the immense popularity of Digital business cards online.

They Are Interactive

Digital cards have the edge of being responsive and interactive compared to traditional paper cards. You can input your information and they feature the interaction where you can tap on the information such as phone number and it will ask you to save it or call it. When your clients will get to see this they will do their desired action.

Not only this interaction will help make your way into their contact list directly but they can also interact with you through the email address and social networks. This will help make sure that they will never miss a chance to contact you such as entering wrong information.

Unlimited Sharing

Corporate and professional events are the best way to gain more exposure from professionals of other industries and potential clients. However, what if you are at such an event and you have met someone who is looking for the skills or talent that you are proficient in. Just when the person showed interest in you and asked for your professional contact, you found that you don’t have any contact upon checking your pockets. Because you didn’t find any business cards because you forgot to put them while leaving because you didn’t expect that you will need them. With this little mistake, you had to lose a possible lead and customer.

However, when you have the opportunity to Design your own Digital Card, this will not have been happening because it will be there on your cell phone all the time.  With an application such as one from ShareEcard, it is possible to share your contact in an unlimited way using any digital media, such as social networks, Whatsapp, Text Messages, and email. Also, you will not have to worry about the limitation of sharing the card.

Creates Good impression

Sharing paper cards, even when they are designed by some creative genius is something that we all have seen most of the time. It doesn’t strike something memorable in the terms of impression to someone who is meeting you for the first time. When you will have digital business cards on your phone then you are sure to create a good impression.

Those who will show interest in you will find it innovative to the people interested in meeting with you. Just imagine when someone would say may I have your business card and you reply to them that I have even better for you. Then you bring out your phone and present you’re your virtual business cards. Not only it will create a lasting impression on them but it will be a great conversation starter.

Easily changeable

Changing information and data on paper cards is something that should be called a hassle. Especially when the cards are in the middle of the publishing process or they have been published with wrong information. You will need to make changes to the information you have input and then republish once again. You might have to throw away your old cards as well in this process as well.

However, when it comes to online digital visiting cards, such editing and updating would be a tap away. It would be a rather instantaneous process. It can be done on the go which means you will not have to wait for days for your cards. It’s also economical. This is because you will not have to pay for any changes to designers and printing experts. And because you don’t have to throw your old cards so you are technically playing your best part in sustaining the environment.


Let’s just assume you hired some precinct designer and designed some cool contact cards for you and you have even distributed them as well. However, do you know that almost 88% of them will end up being thrown away in landfills? Sounds scary! Yes, it is true. They can add to the landfills and you should also search how much water and trees are cut just to make a few thousands of cards, making them one of the most expansive yet useless ways to waste such important resources. On the other hand, converting to the digital business card online will not only look and feel great but will also let you save the environment.

Easy To Organize

Last but not least is the fact that they are way easier to manage compared to their paper counterparts. You don’t need physical storage i.e. cardholders and you don’t even have to worry about carrying extra weight in your bag or wallet. Reaching the right information at right time is much easier compared to how you have to browse through thousands of other cards while the person might lose his or her interest.

If this sounds convincing to you then just try the best business card app from ShareEcard and enjoy the freedom of creating your digital card without any hassle.

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