5 Reasons Why Chemistry Literacy Matters in Today’s World

By | April 17, 2022

If you did deep, you will find Life around us works on reactions. Some are simple, some are complex, but it is two products, substances coming together and producing a third one.

Most people you meet do not understand or observe the different reactions happening in the world, and hence they are afraid of chemistry.

Some folks don’t like chemistry because of its unpredictable results at the end of the reactions. When you mix two compounds, they can give you two different products because of different isotopes. Students often ask, where can we use chemistry in daily Life or why Chemistry literacy is important? Teachers with a smile tell them Chemistry is everywhere.

Let me explain to you why Chemistry literacy matters in everyday life.

Chemistry is everywhere

Chemistry is incomplete with chemicals. So chemicals are a salient part of chemistry, and whatever you spot from your pair of eyes is made of chemicals. Even your eye consists of elements of chemistry. You, your desk, your house, and many of the changes you observe in the universe around you are caused by chemical reactions. Examples include changing colours of leaves because of photosynthesis, iron in your blood, petrol in vehicles, etc.

Knowing some chemistry can help you in day-to-day life decisions. Chemistry helps explain things like; Which mosquito repellent is less harmful to us? Which food contains more carbohydrates? Which fertilizer is good for the soil?

Chemistry helps explain Life.

Your knowledge of day to day life, Life, why the plants are growing, the colour change of leaves in the autumn, how water becomes ice or steam, why some things smell so good and some not so good. Some people are allergic to certain seeds, nuts, and salts, it is important to know that anything that has mattered, there is a chemical reaction going on.

Chemistry as a career option

Chemistry is a fascinating subject and a very good career option. Having an interest and knowledge of chemistry opens many doors. Chemistry can help you to find a job in a big way. Even if you don’t want to work as a chemist, the skills learned through your education apply to fields like food, publishing, education, engineering, pharmacology, quality checking, and many more industries. Chemistry-related jobs are plentiful and money-making.

The health of the Earth and Environment

Earth is our home, and Humans are the most intelligent species, and we need to take care of our home. Every organism plays its part in maintaining a healthy food chain.

Environmental chemists study chemical reactions in the environment, for example, they check the pollution levels in the air and chemicals present in the water and pollutants in the soil and play their role in protecting the environment. Once their results are verified by their peer group, the results are published, and as a result, government make their policies based on these results.

Chemistry in Medicine and Agriculture

As the world population grows, chemists and scientists are working hard to develop methods for more food production and better farming. Agricultural scientists study to understand the causes and effects of chemical reactions.


They study soil fertility, acidity and alkalinity and water and air quality as it affects the growth of crops. Chemists also study pests, weeds, and fungi in detail and develop ways to control and utilize them. Once the studies are completed, Chemists play a big role in creating and testing herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides to get a better yield.


Chemists research different compounds and test their prototypes on different animals to seek and understand the impact of these drugs. Finally, Human trials happen, and the medicines, if approved, are brought to the market.

Whether you study Chemistry in IB or IGCSE board, it is imperative to understand that this is an important subject and can impact our lives in multiple ways.

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