Top 7 Best SEO Tools for Organic Traffic

By | July 8, 2022

Best SEO Tools for Organic Traffic

Some people are looking for top SEO tools. I know about the top 7 SEO tools. Let’s discuss them one by



1st SEO tool is Modge Bar

So first on our list is modge bar it’s a very popular tool for The SEO Marketer module allows the user you can easily get insights into the other different websites without leaving their web browser Find the search with one click rank and Link coding information about all Search results in Google search results page.

2nd SEO Tool is to Check My Links

Check my link is a link checker that crawls and scans through your website and looks for broken links it will pretty handy when adding a web page with many links It quickly scans and displays the webpage where the links are it highlights the connections with green and red colors green is good and it works correctly and the red ones are broken. Everyone is using the check my links SEO tool.

3rd SEO Tool is Don’t Follow

Don’t Follow is a Tool that actually indexes a webpage and identifies links that are coded without a follow meta tag Nofollow actually tells the search engine via metadata to not track this specific link so you can use it on websites you don’t use or want to be crawled from the search engine and it also checks If you have the links are coded correctly or not. Read more

4th SEO Tool is Growth Bar

So growth bar is a Chrome plugin and it’s how it’s meant for SEO marketers and beginners will really find it helpful it basically has everything It’s all in one tool that you can see on the website insights during google search you will see the Ranking difficulty for keywords Keyword Suggestions Keyword Trends traffic details Backlinks Google Ads and much more is a virtual credit for SEO marketers. Growth bar is a worldwide SEO tool that is being used by everyone.

5th SEO Tool is Impactana

This tool actually shows you engagement on a site like cdr Backlinks Time viewers spend on a side At the same time, you can view metrics from Facebook google plus LinkedIn Pinterest, and tweets You can see the comments downloads Clicks see domain site authority at the same time, I hope I could give you some information about top SEO tools used by the professional SEO marketers For a better understanding look at the Tutorial videos and read the information section of each tool I have put all the links to each Tool in the description field, my subscribe channel to get more information and Videos with tips and tricks. Read more

6th SEO Tool is we have Ahrefs

This is one of those SEO super tools. Now every business really needs access to an SEO super tool, whether you’ve got your agency using it, or you have it yourself. Lots of marketers love Ahrefs for its SEO functionality. And it’s got great stuff around keyboard research, the site auditor’s awesome, it’s got rank tracking, it’s got link research. It can be a really useful tool, but for me, it’s not the best super tool because it is only focused on SEO so I’m gonna give Ahrefs better status. That might be a little bit controversial. Let me know in the comments if you would push it a little bit higher.

7th SEO Tool is Also Asked


So if you know Answer the Public, which is a site where you go in and put a topic and you get loads of questions that people ask, Also Asked is a similar sort of thing. So it’s a little bit like Answer the Public. You put in a topic and it tells you what questions people are asking. The great thing about this is you can then go and write content that ranks those different searches. Now Also Asked is pretty good. In fact, it’s got some great functionality that Answers the Public doesn’t have, you can click on a particular question and see more detail around that question.

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