Benefits of swimming for body and mind

By | April 26, 2022

Know the benefits of swimming. Thinking about how to complete your fitness routine? Thinking about how to include in your schedule an hour or two a week of some sports activity other than what you can do in the gym? Have you thought of any? What do you think of the idea of   going swimming with Lifeguard Pretest?

If you see this option feasible, then we will tell you what the benefits of swimming are for body and mind, and what muscles you have to work to achieve a good workout both in swimming pools and in open water.

Let us first start with something you’ve heard millions of times, but it never hurts to remember. Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist because the health benefits of swimming are both physical and mental. Let’s start with the most obvious.

How and what helps the body to swim

When you swim you tone your muscles, improve your coordination, your resistance, your motor skills and your flexibility. And if this were not enough, you also increase your strength and your heart rate without stressing the body.

And it is that among the benefits of swimming is how well swimming can sit on your heart and lungs, in addition to helping you reduce blood pressure.

Advantages for your body, which you will also help keep overweight at bay, added to the benefits of swimming for your mind. Attention because they are more than you imagine!

You know why? Because when you swim you reduce stress and your brain generates positive moods, thus being a good barrier to depression and anxiety.

sleep and rest better

Not only that. Another benefit of swimming for your health is that it helps you sleep and rest better. Swimming will allow you to fall asleep more easily and have better quality sleep.

And speaking of quality… Wouldn’t you like to have a better quality of life thanks to an improvement in your body position? If you have back problems, seriously consider including swimming in your fitness routine and making a good space for it in your schedule. You will see that in a very short time you will notice its positive effects on your body and on your head.

Of course, in order to enjoy the advantages of swimming, it is important that you take into account how to prepare. We do not advise you to jump into the water and start swimming without further ado, but to warm up before and after diving and that in your fitness sessions you work the muscles that you are going to work the most when you swim.

Muscles involved in swimming

If in your legs those muscles are the quadriceps, tibialis and hamstrings, in the arms they will be the biceps and triceps; in the forearms and hands, the supinator’s and pronators; and in the back, the dorsal, the trapezius and the deltoids. A whole list of muscles to which they have to join, of course, the neck, the pectorals and the abdominals.

If you don’t know very well how to train those muscles in the gym, ask our trainers. At Any time Fitness we have everything you need to muscle all parts of your body based on your demands, expectations and needs. oh! Do not forget that swimming is a highly recommended sporting activity for pregnant women, so if this is your case… jump into the pool! And if you have one nearby, encourage them to do so.


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