5 best camping destinations in Maharashtra

By | March 4, 2022



Camping is an activity which can be done outside, where you can stay overnight away from your home. You can stare at the stars in the sky by lying under the sky and enjoying the calm breeze passing through you. Maharashtra is blessed with some best camping sights which can be your stress buster.

Here are the 5 best-camping sites which will be your energy booster.

  1. Pawna Lake
  2. Tikona Fort
  3. Kolad
  4. Kaas Plateau
  5. Bhandardara


Pawna Lake – You will find Pawna Lake in Lonavala which is an amazing region. Camping at the Pawna will be the jackpot for you as you will get to enjoy your weekend with nature and adventure. Camping under the beautiful sky with your friends or family is the best feeling which you can ever have. You can do many activities here like playing the game, doing the things which make you feel better. You can play badminton, volleyball, etc. You can also play ludo, carom, and cards if you are really tired but still, you don’t want to stop yourself from enjoying your trip. If you want your eyes to take a rest then you can sit by Pawna Dam to enjoy the beautiful view of the dam. You can call your friends there with the drink so you can show them that sitting there is peaceful. Along with making yourself calm you can also do rafting or trekking on the forts. Camping at Pawna Lake will give you peaceful vibes which will bring positive energy to you. The price for camping at Pawna Lake will depend on your needs, the package you opt for. You don’t have to worry about women’s safety.

With camping, you can also enjoy the hot barbeque, drinks, and bonfire, play your beautiful music, and dance with your loved ones. You can pack your bag with a DSLR camera, snacks, emergency medicines, an adequate number of comfortable footwear, extra pair of warm clothes, etc.


 Tikona Fort – Marathi people used to call this fort the Vitangad which was the original name of Tikona Fort. Tikona fort was popular for its pyramidal shape. You will experience the breathtaking view from this fort of the surrounding fort. It is a dominant hill fort in the Maval region.


Kolad – if you are dreaming of the adventurous trek, campfire night, and water activity then this place can fulfil your dream. It gives the taste of both camping and adventure. Rafting can be the best thing to do here as it is very popular. Kundalika River is the best attraction in Kolad. You can also choose to visit the serene Tamhini Ghat. You will be in love with Picturesque sites.


Kaas Plateau – everyone is fond of flowers not just fond of but all of us love flowers, their scent, their colour, and their beautiful vibe. No one wants to pluck the flowers as they will start to lose their beauty. Everyone plants the flower in their house so that they can enjoy the beautiful scent of the flowers, and their house can become more beautiful. They take extra care of the flowers so that flowers can be safe and will remain with them for more time.

Kaas Plateau is the hotspot for the flora where you can find plenty of mesmerising flowers. Kaas Plateau has earned its name in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place is quite aesthetic. Camping can be the most done activity here as you will be in the lap of nature and will fall in love with the place at the very first sight. You will find the Kaas Plateau 1200 metres above sea level. This place is worth it for being a part of your album of the gallery.


Bhandardara – This place is a paradise for couples who are in love with each other. This place can be the witness for being the most romantic camping site for you. On a beautiful night, you can gaze at the stars with your love through a telescope. Along with enjoying the beauty of the sky you can also see the fireflies which are the symbol for love who believes in them. If you are visiting Nashik and Shirdi then this place can be your best stopover. Arthur Lake and Wilson Dam can catch your eye as these are attractive places here. If you love dishes like Bhaji, Upma, Tandoori roti, Butter chicken, Biryani, or Chicken then a place will serve you the best taste. Between October and February can be the best time to visit here.



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