10 Amazing Actors Who Almost Died Filming

By | July 5, 2022

10 Amazing Actors Who Almost  Died Filming

Do you think being an actor is just red? Carpets and glamour or wrong then he put her life on the line Enter the set and get ready to see shocking scenes that could have meant the end of these stars.

Number 1 Johnny Depp

It is very likely that if you shoot scenes like this someday you will have some Near-death experience and when it comes to recreating a real adventure, who better than Johnny Depp he almost saw the end of his days when he played the Native American tonto The Lone Ranger This happened while filming a scene in the desert with his partner Armie Hammer both rode for several hours Top speed and there was the goal Achieve effective bareback riding Johnny’s saddle wasn’t right Suddenly dressed, his horse jumps Avoid some bumps on the road and caused the actor fell violently I slipped in the saddle, you know and I went to the left and had the Here reigns Johnny who managed to grab the reins and the horse’s mane to hold on to as best he could, but in a quick decision He had decided to let the beast loose before then Luckily he kept going Horse instinctively just avoided him Pruning Johnny with the hind legs if it had run over him, no doubt he would have suffered fatal injuries.

Number 2 Tom Cruise

When it comes to actors taking their chances lives when you make a movie Tom Cruise has made a name for himself Throughout his career, the actor has suffered not one but over a dozen Incidents that could have killed him in the middle of a shoot Remember that this Well, these are natural scenes where Tom really risked his life, but among them, all there is one that almost sent him there the Hereafter He filmed the last samurai when he was there a fight scene by his co-star Hiroyuki Sonata nearly decapitated the two men approached each other mechanical horses that should stop when they were about to swing their swords, but a mistake caused them to do so collided and the sharp blade came in an inch cutting off Cruise’s neck Thank God his partner was a martial artist art expert and was able to avoid him.

Number 3 Jason station

Not even a tough guy like Jason statum is safe from an accident that brought him to the brink of death, in fact, that’s why he almost drowned in 2013 while filming too Expandables 3 since first the recalled transporter did not want to use a stunt double to shoot a scene considered easy what was it only a large distance from a jump Waterfall to an artificial lake no big deal statum performed the stunt but didn’t do it surface and began to sink, so several Crew members jumped into the water pull him out of the actor even ended semi-conscious Luckily he was taken care of immediately a hospital, where he was later discharged several hours under medical supervision Well it seems he wasn’t that tough.

Number 4 Sylvester Stallone

Did you ever wonder why when you saw rocky iv the color on your favorite Boxers seemed so real, it’s because The actors hit each other really hard to film these scenes and it’s one of those powerful right blows that threaten Sylvester Stallone’s life until broadcast him to the hospital for several days He turned the exciting fight the evil evon Drago so he asked Dolph Lundgren the actor who plays him to hit him as hard as possible Lundgren agreed and aimed squarely at him his chest A good shot wasn’t all he got, however, because of the Sylvester Herz strike hit his sternum and started to swell so that his hitting became labored it was so bad that the megastar had to stay in intensive care longer than a Week but eventually managed to recover and keep filming the Italian stallion almost not to survive?

Number 5 Uma Thurman

For a director and an actress in the end bad conditions something very serious must have taken place on set this happened to the famous Uma Thurman shooting the second part of the legendary kill build trilogy almost died in a terrible car accident in which she directly accused Quentin of Tarantino what the renowned American filmmaker turns out for the sake of realism  Director insisted Thurman drive a stunt car, even though she asked for one double She ended up shooting the car crashed into a tree and became ill hurt to the point where she thought she was never gone again but even though it was pretty shocking that they both had majors fight and their relationship never was the same again Well, it’s no surprise when you think about it that Tarantino often goes to extremes this other scene from inglorious Bastards you can see their hands on Tarantino himself chokes them protagonist with such strength that he really almost killed her.

Number 6. George Clooney

Nobody is safe from the abyss of death even in low-risk films George Clooney filmed Siriana A Political thriller when he had one terrible accident that nearly cost him his life during the famous torture scene The actor was tied to a chair and beaten up, then the chair was picked up causing George to bang his head on them crush it and crack his skull in the process was a critical injury sustained by George Emergency treatment but the worst was yet to come after seeing a neurologist, he discovered that he had a two and a half-inch tear tearing half an inch down the middle of his back on his neck and leaked spinal fluid that even came out of his nose and that’s not even the worst of it contemplating suicide because he can’t take it anymore Dealing with the pain you can imagine Well, at least he won an Oscar for his performance in this movie come on not enough consolation I guess.

Number 7 Tom Hanks

The nicest guy in Hollywood had to survive the terrible infection of Coronavirus in 2020. Thank God and his wife were able to overcome that illness but did you know that he almost died of a staphylococcal infection This happened during the filming of the icon film thrown away Tom suffered a lacerated leg on set in Fiji Oceania he didn’t worry that much, however, he thought it was no big deal two weeks later when the swelling refused As he went downstairs, he realized it was time to visit The doctor he was shocked when he told him I have to get you to the hospital as soon as possible because you are about an hour away from having blood poisoning that will kill she It was such a serious problem that filming was suspended for three weeks during the Actor’s skin regenerated Luckily Hank is in treatment and recovered from the great shock.

Number 8. Isla Fischer

Imagine how horrible it is to jump into a tank full of water where a bundle of piranhas is even thrown Imagine worse being trapped there until they drown Yes, no response from Isla Fisher  That scene from Now You See Me is fake she really felt the desperation every time she passed second The shot consisted of an escape sequence where the actress had to break out the chains like Houdini to do this, she had to increase it Tension by pretending to bang on the walls she fought for her life just at that moment there was a technical fault that turned abruptly Scene real The chain got caught under one Some you know couldn’t be broken and it got stuck under the bar and I was ironically caught by no one realized what was happening when she Colleagues thought it was a great performance and it wasn’t almost three minutes ago later that someone noticed that The actress would collapse  Thank God he was able to react time and ran to hit the safety button to release the mechanism phew

Number 9 Halle Berry

How much can it cost an actress to do a  scene well in this case even her life Halle Berry almost drowned on set The film dies another day when she landed a co-star role in James Bond Saga I know in a movie like this you would expect that it when shooting a risky happen action scene, but no, it happened in between Filming a sensual moment with Pierce Brosnan as Agent 07 be very beautiful and like to try to seduce him with fig and then I end up suffocating thereon luckily you could hear her partner reacted quickly and got up to perform the Heimlich maneuver that saved her but it wasn’t the only time that Hallie faced a distressing situation The actress was on the set of the call shoot a fight scene as she fell and hit his head on the concrete floor She ended up unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital Luckily there weren’t any serious one’s injuries.

Number 10 Jackie Chan

If you are a fan of Jackie Chan’s movies You probably already know that the spectacular spectacle is due to the fact that he performs his action scenes without a stuntman even if these are rather dangerous for once he slid down the glass Facade of a 24-story building and who am I In 1985 he even had a close encounter with death falling from a tree and broke his skull while filming armor From God but nowadays the Chinese actor doesn’t have that anymore stopped dealing with scenes that have brought him face to face with his death Recently in 2019, Jackie confessed to a press conference that he was in one Accident while shooting avant-garde He made a water scene when he got stuck under some rocks in the water.

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